How to Use Your United MileagePlus Miles (15 Best Ways)

There are two types of award tickets: Saver and Everyday. Saver tickets are the most expensive type of ticket.

When redeeming for flights, travel partners will often max out the value that they can provide.

If you’re planning on traveling for the first time, make sure to get your passport in order before you go. It will allow you to enter another country without it.

1. Business Class on a Star Alliance Partner to Africa

Although United has discontinued its award chart for 2019, it still has availability for Saver tickets.

One-way flights from the US to any African country using Star Alliance partner can be had for as low as 88,000 miles one-way.

When it comes to choosing a flight from the US to Africa, you might initially think of choosing between partners Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways.

You can also choose from Swiss International Airlines and Austrian Airlines for your business class flight. Both airlines have great products and great catering services.

Flights to Africa with Star Alliance can be a good way to save thousands of United miles.

2. Semi-Private Domestic Flights on Boutique Air

If you’re one of the many people who can’t afford private flights, then you might want to consider Boutique Air. It has flights that connect to other hard-to-find airports.

This airline has flights that feature private sections. Aside from these, United partners can also enjoy perks like free flights.

3. Fly to Any of the 48 Continental States, Alaska, or Canada

Sometimes, flying with United can be difficult due to the high cost of domestic flights. But, since it dropped its award chart, the fluctuation in prices has been steady.

Before, it was possible to get anywhere in the continental US in economy class with 12,500 miles.

With United, you can now fly to Canada or Alaska in economy class with 17,500 miles. These are great options for those wanting to travel to cold climates.

4. Flights Under 800 Miles Outside of the U.S.

Most people fly with British Airways Avios to get to London. However, Star Alliance carriers are more likely to accommodate your needs.

5. Turkish Airlines in Business Class From the U.S.

Turkish Airlines has the biggest international network in the world. With its great product and impeccable service, it is easily one of the best options for business class travel.

The Turkish Airlines flight to Europe starts at 77,000 miles. You could also use 88,000 to see Africa.

Istanbul is a great city to visit if you have a connection. However, there are also ways to get there without a connection.

Even if your connection time is not long, you can still visit Istanbul and enjoy some time in the city.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, you can enjoy airport lounge perks and a hotel elite status when you stay in Istanbul.

6. United Polaris Business Class

In 2017, United launched a revamped product called Polaris. Although many of its international flights now have the new seat, some of its older planes still have the old Polaris option.

Since every seat in Polaris has aisle access, it is ideal for solo travelers who don’t want to climb over people while they’re sleeping. There are also ways to get to Europe from just 60,000 miles.

United has opened Polaris lounges at several of its hub airports.

The new Polaris seats are a great way to spend your miles. You can find them on United’s website or through its partner airlines.

7. ANA to Japan in First Class

For some, flying first class is the best option. For those who are serious about their travel, Delta’s first class service and high-end Champagne are just as good.

One of the best things about ANA is its flight attendants. They have a reputation for providing excellent service.

You can also travel from 88,000 United miles to get to Tokyo from anywhere in the world with an All Nippon Airways flight.

8. Flights Within Oceania in Economy Class

Once you’ve traveled to another country, you might want to visit some of the beautiful islands. United has a great route called Island Hopper that takes you to these places.

One-way flights from United are usually less than 800 miles. Flights over 800 miles usually start at 12,500 miles.

United’s Business Saver award tickets can be used for flights under 800 miles and over 800 miles. However, due to COVID-19, the company has reduced its service to some of the region’s most popular destinations.

9. Cheap Flights to Europe in Economy Class

To save even more, United is also offering flights from 30,000 miles to any Star Alliance member.

Since United miles do not carry fuel surcharges, it is a great way to save money. Plus, with the Amex Platinum card, you can enjoy perks such as airport lounges and free meals.

10. Travel Throughout Central And Southern Africa in Business Class

Through Star Alliance partners, United miles can be used to travel to southern and central Africa.

Beginning at 33,000 miles, United miles can be used to fly to almost anywhere in Central and Southern Africa.

11. Check Out The Caribbean in Economy Class

If you’re planning on visiting the Caribbean, consider booking a round-trip ticket from the US to the island for 35,000 miles or less. You can also take advantage of our Excursionist Perk.

12. Fly to the Galápagos on Avianca

One-way tickets from the US to the Galpagos are available from 8,800 miles. There are also Saver award tickets starting at 22,000 miles.

13. Fly From the U.S. to Northern South America

You can fly from the US to Europe in economy starting at 20,000 miles.

If you prefer a more comfortable flight, check out our options from 35,000 miles to 38,500 miles.

14. Fly Business Class From Europe to Central Asia

Starting at 60,500 miles, you can now fly business class on Star Alliance partners with Lufthansa or Austrian.

With United, you can book tickets to some of the most exciting places in the world.

15. Fly on United to Africa

In 2012, United stopped flying to Africa due to the region’s low profitability. However, it started flying to Accra in 2021.

These flights are operated by United and have plenty of award space, so you can rest assured that you’ll have ultimate privacy. They’re also cheaper than other options.

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