16 Best Ways to Redeem Alaska Airlines Miles

Alaska Airlines miles are often coveted for scoring great deals on international flights. The company’s Mileage Plan program lets members rack up miles for trips to the likes of Hawaii and Switzerland.

Even if you prefer the economy cabin, there are plenty of flight deals with Alaska Airlines. And if you don’t mind flying solo, you can use your miles to travel anywhere using their global network.

This guide will help you learn how to maximize your Alaska Airlines miles. It will also cover the company’s various rules and regulations.

The Best Ways To Redeem Alaska Airlines Miles

With over 17 airlines that offer Alaska Airlines miles, it’s an incredibly versatile program. But, there are also many ways to get the miles you want.

1. Fly To Australia With A Stopover In Fiji On Fiji Airways

This trip is a great opportunity to visit Australia and Fiji with a stopover in Fiji. With a stopover in Fiji, you can save up to 40,000 Alaska Airlines miles each way.

Flights to Fiji from Los Angeles and San Francisco can be combined with an extra flight to the destination.

2. Fly Business Class To The Middle East With A Full In-Air Bar On Emirates

For a once-in-a-lifetime trip, book a flight with Emirates to Dubai using their A380 business class. The flight costs 82,500 miles one-way.

Alaska Airlines’ onboard lounges are typically the most comfortable places to sit. But, they’re also equipped with a full bar.

3. First Or Business Class To Asia With A Stopover In Hong Kong On Cathay Pacific

Whether you’re planning on visiting Bali or hiking the Great Wall of China, a stopover in Hong Kong is an economical way to get to some of the most popular Asian destinations. With Cathay Pacific, you can save thousands of miles each way.

Unfortunately, there are no award opportunities for first class or business class on Cathay Pacific. However, this deal is a great bargain at just 70,000 miles each way.

To book a flight, simply go to Alaska’s website at 800-252-7522 and search for the flight that you want to travel to.

4. First Class To South Africa With A Stopover In Hong Kong On Cathay Pacific

If you have enough Alaska Airlines miles to spare, you can fly to South Africa with a stopover in Hong Kong.

First class is the best value when it comes to Alaska Airlines miles. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, then check out British Airways’ offer to South Africa.

5. First Class To Australia Or New Zealand With A Stopover In Hong Kong On Cathay Pacific

With Cathay Pacific’s stopover in Hong Kong, you can easily get to Australia or New Zealand with stopover miles.

You’ll need 80,000 miles each way to get to Australia, and 40,000 miles is a steal. There are also no rewards programs that can get you from the US to Australia.

6. Business Class From New York To Vancouver On Cathay Pacific

Using Alaska miles, you can fly to Vancouver in business class for 25,000 miles each way. This deal will give you plenty of time to enjoy world-class food and beverages.

Despite not having an in-air bar, Cathay Pacific’s business class still provides plenty of luxuries.

7. Economy, Business Or First Class To Australia Or New Zealand On Qantas

One of the best deals on flights to New Zealand or Australia from Alaska Airlines is using miles while flying Qantas. For economy class, you’ll need around 42,500 miles each way.

The deal includes a stopover in Sydney and a return flight to Auckland.

8. Business or First Class to Asia With a Stopover in Tokyo on Japan Airlines

You can combine a stopover in Tokyo with a trip to some of the major Asian cities with Japan Airlines. While the stopover in Tokyo is only available for a limited number of miles, there are also great deals in other cities.

For an additional 5,000 miles, you can also combine a stopover in Tokyo with a trip to a Southeast Asian destination.

9. Business class to Peru on American Airlines

American Airlines has a great deal to Peru for 30,000 miles each way. Flights leave from Miami and you can add on stopovers in Miami for no additional cost.

10. Business Class To South America On LATAM

While American Airlines can fly to Argentina and Chile with stopovers in both countries, LATAM has a better deal with a stopover in Peru.

LATAM has a better deal than American Airlines when it comes to flights to South America. You can also get a better deal if you fly to the northern regions of the country.

One of the best features of LATAM is its ability to add a stopover. This means that you can combine a trip to Machu Picchu with a trip to Argentina or Chile for the price of one award ticket.

11. Economy Class To Europe On Finnair

Finnair has a great deal to Europe with a stopover in Helsinki, as there are minimal fees and taxes.

If you’re planning on going on a trip to Iceland, Alaska Airlines’ stopover policy makes it even more rewarding.

12 Fly To Europe During Off-Peak Months On American Airlines

For people who prefer quantity over quality, booking economy flights to Europe during off-peak months can help you stretch your miles.

British Airways has a great deal to Europe, charging 32,500 miles each way. While American Airlines charges less than $19 each way to Europe, you’ll pay hundreds of dollars in fuel surcharges.

13. Fly Short And Medium-Haul Domestic Flights On Alaska

Alaska Airlines’ domestic redemptions are different from other loyalty programs. They charge by distance instead of a flat rate.

For example, a flight from Portland, Ore. to San Francisco could cost you 5,000 miles each way, while a flight from Chicago to San Francisco could cost 10,000 miles each way.

14. Fly Economy to Hawaii from the East Coast

Alaska Airlines miles can be used to fly to Hawaii from the East Coast. Unlike other airlines, they charge the same amount regardless of where you’re from.

The cost of flying from the US to Hawaii is just 15,000 miles each way. If you’re planning on a shorter trip, consider a stopover along the way.

15. Visit Four Cities For The Price Of One

With a high-value travel reward, you can add in two stopovers to get to three cities. Two-way tickets are also cheaper than one-way tickets.

For instance, fly from Melbourne to Sydney with a stopover in Fiji, then fly back to Hong Kong with a stopover in Taiwan.

16. Book A Long Stopover At Your Home Airport For A Free One-Way Flight

You can use stopovers to get multiple flights for the same price. For instance, if you book a flight from New York to Sydney with Fiji Airways, but then fly back to LA after a stopover, you’ll get a free one-way ticket for your trip.

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