Are Airline Tickets Transferable?

Most airlines do not allow you to change your flight’s itinerary, but some carriers allow you to do it anyway. To check their cancellation and transfer policies, visit their website.

Can You Transfer Airline Tickets?

As per the airline’s policy, airline tickets cannot be transferred to someone else but you can transfer the booked ticket to another flight. You can reschedule or cancel your flight at a low cost and reissue the ticket in another person’s name.

Since most airline companies have their own policies and terms and conditions, it is convenient to properly understand them before booking a ticket.

Although people are not allowed to transfer or sell their tickets, there are some exceptions to transferring tickets for international travel.

For example, airlines like Air Arabia allows changing the passenger’s name with a requirement of an additional fee. However, it is possible only if the reservation is still on hold.

How The Top U.S. Airlines Handle Ticket Transfer And Other Change Requests

Most of the top airlines including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines do not allow customers to transfer tickets due to security concerns. But they allow passengers to cancel or change their reservations without any fee.


American Airlines, the largest airline in the US, doesn’t allow passengers to transfer their tickets to another individual. However, they can allow most of their customers to do so before their scheduled departure date. Some restrictions and fees apply to the transfer ticket.


Delta, on the other hand, doesn’t allow passengers to transfer their tickets to another person. However, if you purchased an eTicket through Delta, you can receive a refund for the unused tickets. You can also cancel the ticket for any reason without any fees.


Southwest has a similar policy. They allow customers to cancel or change their reservations within 24 hours of making their booking. They also don’t charge a ticket change fee.


United, which is the fourth-largest US airline, doesn’t allow its passengers to transfer their tickets to a different person. If a ticket was purchased using United within the last 24 hours, the company may allow its customers to get a refund or a change in their original ticket.

Buyer Beware

Since most airlines have their own policies when it comes to transferring and cancellation, it’s important that you thoroughly read their website’s terms and conditions before buying a ticket. Doing so will help you avoid getting ripped off by the airlines, who usually apply all fees and penalties, regardless of how valid your reason is.

Does Airline Really Transfer Tickets?

Most Airlines follow a strict policy on ticket transfer that restricts the passengers from transferring or selling tickets. However, international airlines are lenient on transfers which allows passengers to change their names with a little fee.

Ralph Santopietro, who was trying to change his flight’s dates, was not happy with how Delta handled his situation.

A ticket agent in Myrtle Beach told him that he could get Santopietro’s original ticket rebooked, but he would have to pay a $200 change fee.

The agent said that since transferring the ticket was considered a security issue, it would not be allowed.

Despite the number of airlines and their fees, many passengers still don’t feel like they’re getting value for their money. According to a study conducted by the Consumer Federation of America, the airlines are too rigid and avaricious in their ticket policies.

The name-change policy seems to be a way for airlines to collect more money from their customers. Even if a passenger has a valid reason to cancel their ticket, airlines are still unmoved.

Due to the increasing number of airlines, shouldn’t the ability to transfer tickets be returned to the airlines?

Even employees of airlines still don’t understand that passengers have no real options. An agent in Myrtle Beach happened to see Santopietro’s situation.

If you’re a passenger who has a ticket, chances are that you won’t be able to get a refund. You might as well buy a new ticket or get a travel insurance policy.

Usually, you can’t transfer or sell your ticket to another person. But, there are exceptions for international travel.

Views Of Airlines Manager About Transfer of Tickets

From the point of view of airline authorities, transferring tickets are not allowed as it does not identify the passengers and there is a high chance of reselling the tickets. It may affect the ticket price and quality of service.

According to Santopietro, many passengers get sick before they travel, and they often choose to take the flu instead of changing their tickets.

Airlines for America’ Victoria Day said that name changes are not allowed due to two factors: a company policy and the non-changeability of tickets.

Day says that airlines and their passengers should work together to accommodate as many people as possible.

Sally Greenberg of the National Consumers League said that it should be possible for consumers to transfer their tickets to another person in the event of an emergency.

Allowing passengers to change their tickets makes sense. It’s also something that used to be common even decades ago.

Reason Of Airlines Don’t Allow Ticket Transfer

There are several reasons for airlines to not permit ticket transfer. The main reason is security concerns in which there are chances of reselling tickets that can affect the ticket price.

The major airlines don’t allow ticket holders to change their names on tickets. A representative from American Airlines said that this policy is because of various reasons.

One of the airline’s policies states that it needs to know who its customers are in order to provide quality service. Also, it wants to match the number of seats available to the demand.

Another reason why ticket changes are not allowed is that they’re not allowed to identify the passengers.

The third reason is security. According to Warren Lieberman, the main reason why ticket changes are not allowed is that airlines make money from them. If name changes are allowed, then customers could resell their tickets at any time, which would affect their ability to raise ticket prices.

The real security concern is that the Transportation Security Administration doesn’t have a problem accommodating name changes.

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Does Anybody Else Call Bullspit on These?

Not being able to transfer tickets is just another example of how airlines try to make more money for themselves.

It’s not like the TSA has a system that automatically matches the name on the ticket.

Frontier Airlines allows ticket holders to change their name on their tickets for a $75 fee.

On Southwest Airlines, you can cancel a ticket and get a credit voucher good for a year. On Virgin America, you can also get a LUV voucher good for 6 months.

I was just trying to find out if there was a way to get a name change for $150 on JetBlue. However, the company’s website did not have any verification.

Outside The U.S Refund Policy

Although US airlines do not allow ticket transfer according to their airline’s policy, some international airlines allow passengers to transfer their ticket to someone else with an additional fee.

If the reservation is still on hold, Air Arabia offers a free name change. However, after the customer has paid, they will be required to pay a fee of AED 350.00 to change the passenger’s name.

EasyJet lets passengers change their ticket’s name to another person for a fee of up to £55. It’s usually done online or by phone.

For low-cost carrier Ryanair, changing the name on the ticket can be done up to 2 hours before the flight is scheduled to depart. The fee varies depending on the situation.

For Transavia, a $50 fee is charged for each name change. The change will result in the ticket being repriced and the new name will be printed on the ticket.

If you need to transfer your reservation within 24 hours of making the booking, Vueling is a good place to start. For a fee of 50, you can also change your name to another person.

Wizz Air has a fee of 45 for transferring a passenger’s name. They also allow people to book a companion ticket without changing their name.

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