AYO Light Therapy Glasses Review – Do They Work?

Jet lag is one of the greatest challenges associated with flying, especially if you fly to a destination on a vastly different time zone. The effects of jet lag sometimes result in us not being able to function as effectively as we would want to, and we often wonder what we can do to combat this debilitating phenomenon.

Well, you might have a solution to your crippling episodes of jet lag soon!

The AYO Company has launched Light Therapy Glasses which aim to minimize the effects of jet lag on travelers, boost your energy levels, and improve sleep. I recently tested a pair of these glasses and will give you my opinion on the effectiveness of this new gadget.

The AYO Story

The AYO Light Therapy glasses are the brainchild of three young entrepreneurs: Aleksander Dimitrov, Branislav Nikolic, and Nikola Vucinic. 

The motivation behind the development of the AYO glasses was to help people live better lives by channeling their body rhythms effectively to feel more energetic, less exhausted, and to sleep better.

The glasses have been fine-tuned over three years through many hours of testing and the use of different prototypes which have resulted in the product that is available today.

The AYO glasses use algorithms that have been developed based on Chronobiology research performed in leading institutions such as Harvard, Oxford and NASA. The glasses can be easily controlled from your smartphone using the AYO App, which allows users to customize a program that works best for them.

Features of the AYO Light Therapy Glasses

This dynamic gadget is packed with features that will make usage easy and convenient.

One of the features that I particularly love about the AYO glasses is the blue-tooth connectivity. This feature allows you to connect the glasses to your smartphone, allowing full user control of the device through the AYO smartphone App.

In addition to the blue-tooth technology, AYO glasses are also equipped with a capacitive sensor which records when you are wearing the glasses and tracks your progress of any program and advises when the program is complete.

The AYO glasses uses advanced blue light therapy technology, which is scientifically tested to be safe and have no negative impact on your eyes. The blue lighting is also UV and infrared free.

Wearing the AYO glasses is also a very comfortable experience; it is made with flexible material, which means that one size fits all. If you currently wear prescription glasses, no worries, AYO has an adjustable nosepiece that allows you to fit it over your prescription glasses and your eyesight is not affected in any way at all!

Finally, charging your AYO glasses is a breeze, you can wirelessly charge your AYO battery through the power attached to the case of the glasses. The case is also hard and durable, which allows you to transport your AYO glasses wherever you go safely.

Benefits of the AYO Light Therapy Glasses

The AYO Light Therapy glasses will benefit you in at least one of three ways:

  • reducing jet lag
  • increasing your energy or
  • improve sleep.

A pair of AYO Glasses will help to reduce jet-lag up to three times quicker. All you will need to do is enter your flight itinerary in the AYO App, and it will create a personalized schedule for you, detailing when you should use AYO to beat jet-lag effectively.

You will then wear your AYO Glasses for approximately twenty minutes daily according to your schedule, and you will realize how refreshed and well-adjusted to the new time zone you feel. This will make you way more productive if you are traveling for business and much more energetic if traveling for pleasure.

The special light-emitting technology incorporated in AYO Glasses helps to boost your energy throughout the day. The light emitted from your AYO wearable glasses will mimic sunshine resulting in a natural increase in energy levels and inversely a decrease in tiredness and fatigue. AYO also works like a charm when worn in winter months when sunshine is absent, keeping you happy, lively, and full of vigor.

Another benefit of the AYO Glasses is that it helps you to sleep better. AYO technology allows you to fall asleep quickly and also to adjust your sleep cycle based on your lifestyle. This results in you waking up feeling much more refreshed and rested and ready to take on the day ahead of you!

My experience with the AYO Light Therapy Glasses

I have been using the AYO Glasses for over a week now and have had fabulous results so far. I have noticed that I feel immediately awake after putting on the glasses twenty minutes after waking up in the morning, and I get a burst of energy after wearing them for twenty minutes in the afternoon.

My husband has also tried the glasses and has benefited positively, he suffers from mild migraines, and on a couple of occasions, he used the AYO Glasses instead of taking a pill when his migraine came on, and the migraine went away very quickly.

I have not yet tried the Jet Lag function, but I do not doubt that it works based on the great results I have seen from using the glasses so far. I am looking forward to my next flight to put this functionality to the test!

The only area of concern that I have had is with the case for the glasses. It is challenging to open; I communicated this observation to the owner of the company, and he advised that the paint on the blue part of the case did not dry properly on some units of the last production batch. He recommended that I open the case with both hands, especially for the first two dozen times, and then it should be fine to open and close freely.

Overall, I am happy with the AYO Glasses and I think it will have a profound effect on airplane travel and will generally add value to people’s lives. It is definitely a product that I will recommend!

And to top it all off, here are some additional benefits:

  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1-year International Warranty

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Is light therapy scientifically proven?

Although light therapy is unlikely to cure seasonal affective disorder or other mental conditions, it can help improve your quality of life and lower your stress levels. Can I wear contact lenses or glasses while using a SAD light / sunrise alarm clock ? Yes, it is possible to wear contact lenses or sunglasses while using a SAD lamp or a sunrise alarm clock.

Do I need glasses for red light therapy?

Although it’s not required to wear eye protection, the lights are bright and may be uncomfortable for people with sensitive skin. Light therapy is used to treat seasonal affective disorder, which is a mental disorder that occurs during the winter months. It usually goes away after people use the therapy.

Does light therapy really work for wrinkles?

reVive Light Therapy is FDA-cleared and has been proven to work. In a clinical study, 97% of participants experienced a reduction in wrinkles. Light therapy significantly reduced the symptoms of depression and anxiety. The treatment was also beneficial for patients with high-risk conditions.

Can you overuse light therapy?

Many people find it helpful to start using a SAD lamp the morning after waking up. It is also known that SAD lamps help boost vitamin D levels in the skin. The light emitted from these devices helps to produce vitamin D.

Can Red light therapy reverse GREY hair?

Red light therapy can be used to improve the appearance of grey hair. It is also known as laser therapy. It’s important to keep using the same HappyLight for multiple days. Studies have shown that the benefits of light therapy go beyond just reducing pain.

Can light therapy damage your eyes?

There was no evidence of ocular damage caused by light therapy. The only case report that referenced this issue was a report of a person with a Maculopathy. LED light therapy is a safe and effective treatment for various skin conditions, such as acne.

Can you use serums with LED lights?

Red light therapy can help minimize the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. It can also speed up the results of anti-aging products. Studies have shown that light therapy can help people with depression and sleep disorders. It can also improve their sleep quality.

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