Best Fear Of Flying Apps

Imagine being 35000 feet in the air with no control over your destiny! This is a frightening proposition for many people who have the desire to travel but absolutely fear flying on an airplane.

Luckily for these people and also many others who reluctantly fly because they have to, there are a few absolutely amazing fear of flying apps that will help to alleviate some of the fear that you have for flying and make the experience more enjoyable.

Here are a few fear of flying apps that will help you to fly with less fear.


This app is designed to alleviate stress during flights by displaying data such as when you are due to arrive and other tidbits of information.

Developed by an airline pilot, this app engages and assuages users by explaining some of the more unsettling aspects of flying such as turbulence.

Monitoring the current G-Force of the flight is also one of this app’s features, allowing you to monitor how safe your flight is.

Alongside this, the app also displays weather information and instructions about how to use in-flight safety equipment if the need arises.

This app has both free features and paid content, though the paid content exists in the form of videos, while the rest of the features listed are free.

Download: iOS/Android

Flight Buddy

This app works on a similar premise to the previous one, providing detailed information about your flight as well as answers about common worries such as turbulence and air pressure.

What makes this app stand out is the personalized test it gives you upon downloading to pinpoint your triggers when it comes to flying. This helps the app tailor its content to you, allowing it to be more effective at quashing your fears.

Videos are also included in the app to help you further conquer your fear of flying, allowing you to take to the skies without fear.

Downloading the app is free, but to make use of any of its features requires a paid subscription ranging from $34.99 a year to $59.99 depending on how many features you want.

Download: iOS


Developed by the same man who created Flight Buddy, this app works like a free version of that app, offering weather data, and information about both the departing and arrival airports.

This app also displays forecasts for turbulence on your prospective route, allowing you to prepare yourself ahead of time.

In-app purchases are also available for more detailed information about points of interest you might be flying over, video courses, seat recommendations, and even gifs that explain the mechanics of how an airplane function.

These are available on a flight-by-flight basis rather than being subscription based, with information for one flight costing $5.99.

Download: iOS/Android


Designed as a relaxation app, Happify helps reduce the anxiety related to flying by offering games, quizzes, as well as other stress relief tools.

The solutions offered by this app are based on studies done on cognitive therapy, allowing you to change your mindset and reduce stress.

A paid subscription is also available with this app, vastly increasing the resources you have access to, with the base price being $14.99 for one month, while subscribing for a whole year costs $139.99, or $11.67 a month.

There is also a website affiliated with this app, allowing you to access the tools even without a mobile device.

Download: iOS/Android

Fear of Flying Pro

Instead of relying on a subscription model, this app costs a mere $0.99, while possessing features like the other apps on this list.

Flight information is readily available on this app, alongside information related to general aviation practices, as well as explanations about air turbulence and other potentially worrying aspects about air travel.

Stress reduction exercises are available in both audio and text form for when you need help calming down.

There is also a panic button for when fear becomes overwhelming, providing a calming voice to help reduce tension.

Download: iOS/Android

Master Fear of Flying Now!

The Master Fear of Flying App was developed by leading Clinical Psychologists Chris Edwards and Brian Tuckfield. This App is exclusively distributed by Apple IOS system and gives you the option of getting unlimited personalized treatments for specific fears using tested and proven psychological methods.

This App gives you to understand the basis for your fear and also provides in an interactive treatment for the fear or fears. It is an extremely empowering App that can help you to finally kick that fear of flying that you have suffered from for a long time!

Official website

Flight without Fear

Official website

The Flight without Fear App is another great option available to you to confront your fear of flying and conquer it. This App was developed by the experienced Airplane Pilot Captain Miki Katz.

The App uses mainly audio relaxation methods that include the unique sound and noises that are heard at high altitude and also at take-off and landing. The App also provides information about the pilots and flight details.

The aim of the Flight without fear App is to reassure you that ever will be perfect on your flight, getting you to relax and take your mind off the fears that you have for flying.

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

Official website

The Fear of Flying Hypnosis App uses hypnotherapy techniques to relieve and eventually cure one’s fear of flying. To get the best results from this App, it is recommended that you use it before your flight to train your subconscious to let go of flight fears.

The main technique used by the Fear of Flying Hypnosis App is hypnosis, this is where the mind is retrained to believe that flying is a fun and exciting activity, therefore eliminating the negative thoughts of fear that previously occupied the mind.

The technique used by the Fear of Flying Hypnosis App has proven very effective in combatting the fear of flying for many people, and you can also be one of them!


Official website

The VALK App was developed by the VALK Foundation that is based in Amsterdam. The App features weather forecast, flight safety statistics, turbulence, and many additional details that help to reduce the levels of anxiety experienced by people who fear flying.

The VALK App also includes an integrated panic button that explains methods to reduce stress on your flight on demand. This is an essential feature that helps to quell your fears as soon as they come along; all you have to do is press the panic button!


These are some of the best fear of flying apps available to you to kick your nagging fear of flying. If you always wanted to fly on an airplane, but fear has not allowed you to do it, now is the time.

With the assistance of these top-notch fear of flying apps, you will be on an airplane flying across the world in no time! Happy Flying!

What is the fear of flying things called?

This disorder refers to people who are afraid to fly. For them, flying can be a stressful experience and can lead to dangerous situations. Fear of flying is a psychological disorder that can be linked to other psychological problems. It can also be an aspect of PTSD.

What can I take for fear of flying?

Brian Cassmassi, a Trekker and author, advises using prescription drugs to treat anxiety. Our forecasts are based on publicly available data.

What is a Thalassophobia?

This condition is a fear of the large bodies of water, such as the ocean. It can stop people from going to the beach or swimming in the water. While flying, take advantage of the in-flight entertainment available to help calm the nerves. While reading a book or listening to music can help drown out the ambient noise, a small distraction can help calm the nerves.

Why do I suddenly have a fear of flying?

Exposure to media stories about plane crashes or other incidents can also play a role. The annual risk of dying in a plane crash is about 1 in 11 million. On a more basic level, it’s similar to the annual risk of dying in a motor vehicle crash.

Is flying really safer than driving?

A separate analysis from MIT shows that the likelihood of getting sick while flying is about 1 in 3,900. Turbulent air can be caused by a variety of factors. One of these is convective turbulence, which can occur mid-afternoon to late afternoon. It is usually the worst type of turbulence.

What is the safest form of travel?

Air travel is the leading cause of death for people over the age of 14 years old. It resulted in an average of 0.07 deaths for every billion miles traveled. Studies have shown that flying during the early morning hours is less likely to cause delays than those in the afternoon or evening.

What is safer planes or trains?

Aside from being safer, trains also have more space and are more accessible to the general public, according to Dr. Aaron Rossi. While flying and sailing are very safe, both modes of transportation are prone to experiencing accidents. In 2010, the world’s air travel experienced an accident for every 1.6 million passengers.

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