What to Know About Alaska Airlines Mileage?

For people who live in the West Coast, Alaska Airlines has all the perks of a good flight. It serves free in-flight coffee and has a co-branded credit card.

Alaska’s frequent flyer program is one of the best ways to save money while flying. Its flexible membership structure and lucrative offers make it an excellent choice for those wanting to travel internationally.

Earning Alaska Airlines Miles

If you want to earn Alaska Airlines miles to get the Elite status, you will have to meet the minimum number of EQMs (elite qualifying miles) or the minimum number of eligible segments. Besides that, you will also need to meet the minimum number of flights operated and marketed by Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines miles can be used for flights with its partner airlines.

To qualify for elite status, members must have flown at least 15 miles in a calendar year. This can be earned through free upgrades and other benefits.

If you haven’t used your miles in two years, you can lose them. You can still reclaim them within a year.

Earning Alaska Airlines miles when you fly

Participating flights on Alaska Airlines or its partners can earn one base mile for every mile flown. For example, if you travel 1,000 miles, you’ll get 1,000 miles.

This system is rare among US airlines. Usually, elite status is earned based on miles flown.

There are also bonuses for elite status and class-of-service purchases. To see how many miles you’d get on a given flight, use the calculator below.

Earning Alaska Airlines miles with a credit card

The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card is a great way to get rewarded miles when flying with the airline. It features an annual fee of $75 and is one of the best cards to get rewarded with.

If you have a lower annual fee and qualify for the Alaska Airlines Platinum Plus credit card, it will give you the same rewards and benefits as the Visa Signature.

Alaska Airlines’ Referral bonuses are available for new and existing credit card customers.

Buying miles

Although Alaska sells miles, they typically cost more than 2 cents each. Most of the time, they’re not worth the cost unless they have a truly exceptional value.

Redeeming Alaska Airlines Miles

You can redeem your miles to book hotels, upgrade to First Class, or get a discount. Of course, to upgrade to First Class, you will require 15,000 miles. Besides that, you can redeem the Money & Miles reward for various discounts when flying.

The secret to getting the best value out of Alaska miles is international. Through its partnership with other airlines, Alaska can provide exceptional value to its customers.

Alaska Airlines offers award tickets based on the length of your trip and the class of service you’re flying. Non-refundable tickets are more costly.

Good redemption options

Because the award price for a flight depends on the distance and the region you’re flying, you’ll get more for each mile you use. It’s also worth doing some searching for award seats.

Bad redemption options

On certain routes, Alaska Airlines miles just aren’t the best option.

Frequent travelers who fly with Alaska Airlines or its partners can get elite status. This perk gives them access to various benefits.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Elite Status

The Mileage Plan by Alaska Airlines will help you get to elite status in no time. You will have to fly at least 20,000 mils to be eligible or fly thirty segments in addition to at least two flights operated and marketed by Alaska Airlines within a year. Once you have Elite status, you can enjoy various benefits.

If you regularly fly with Alaska Airlines or its partners, you might qualify for elite status.

Alaska’s elite status is relatively easy to obtain. It’s also worth applying for if you’re a new parent who needs to put traveling on hold to care for a newborn.

The biggest downfall of elite status is that it doesn’t give free lounge access. Instead, they can purchase discounted access through their preferred travel partner.

In March 2021, Alaska elites will receive reciprocal Oneworld status with other Oneworld partners.

Alaska MVP Gold elite members receive Oneworld Sapphire status. This includes access to priority boarding, seat selection, and other perks.

Alaska MVP Gold members also receive One world Emerald status. This includes perks such as priority boarding, international airport security, and baggage allowance.

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted airlines to offer more flexibility to their passengers. They have also extended the change-fee waivers and suspended the mileage expirations.

When you cancel a flight, you will get a travel voucher that can be used toward a future flight.

Alaska Airlines is also following the lead of Southwest and allowing its customers to convert their travel funds into points.

In August, American Airlines allowed some of its customers to convert their wallets’ funds to miles. The deal was then offered to the members in October.

It’s also giving away free flights to anyone who transfers their money to Alaska through November 13. This promotion is valid until November 13.

Conversion Of Alaska Wallet Funds To Miles

If you want to convert your Alaska wallet funds to Miles, you must go to the conversion page on the website and log into your account. The transfers will process at a rate of 1% per point, which means one cent = one mile. Finally, you can convert the wallet funds to miles in increments of 25, 50, 75, or 100% of the total wallet fund balance.

With this promotion, all Alaska Airlines members can convert their wallet funds to miles at a limited time. To take advantage of the offer, just log in to their account and visit the conversion page.

The process of transferring funds from one account to another is as simple as 1 cent per point. You can also convert up to 75% of your total balance.

Due to the promotion’s expiration date, this offer is only valid until November 13.

The Worth Of Redeeming Miles

If cash fares are expensive, redeeming miles might be worthwhile your time. That is because many times you can good value when using your Alaska miles to book flights under seven hundred miles. Such flights can be booked for as few as five thousand miles in economy class.

With this promotion, you can transfer up to $500 to book a flight to Asia from the US. With a low transaction fee of $0.01 per mile, you’ll get a huge discount. Plus, you’ll be able to use the miles to book trips with other airlines.

For example, 50,000 miles can be used to book a one-way ticket to Asia from the U.S. With the stopover, you can enjoy the benefits of a Cathay Pacific business class flight.

This promotion is especially good if you regularly buy Alaska miles. In effect, since the airline was selling miles at a low price, the conversion rate was better than buying miles at a higher price.

Alaska Airlines’ wallet funds can now be used for purchases up to a year from the original date. This means they can be used once every 24 months.

Earning Rewards

The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card can earn miles. You can use them on eligible purchases and unlimited miles on all other purchases.

This card comes with a welcome bonus of 60,000 bonus miles after spending $3,000 in the first 90 days.

Redeeming Rewards

Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan can be used to travel to almost 100 destinations in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

One of the most unique features of the Mileage Plan is its ability to book a free stopover. This is usually only available for one-way awards. You can use this feature to book a stopover between Seattle and San Francisco.

For example, flying from Los Angeles to Fiji with a stopover in New Zealand is possible.

In 2021, Alaska Airlines joins the Oneworld alliance, which means that its members can enjoy the benefits of participating in the alliance with other Oneworld airlines.

One of the limitations of the Alaska Airlines award is that no partner can be mixed on the same ticket. This means that you can only book one-way tickets for both Alaska Airlines and your chosen partner.

Rewards Potential

Forbes Advisor compiled an estimate for the household in the 70th percentile of income to determine how much it would cost to live comfortably with a family of four. The calculation included credit card expenses.

For our example, we calculated that a family of four would spend about $1,755 annually on airfare. Using the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, we would have earned 5,265 miles.

Bottom line

It’s great to see Alaska Airlines recognizing the value of their miles. Even if you don’t care about the airline’s frequent flier program, buying these miles at a low price is an excellent deal.

The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card is a great value for frequent flyers. It features an annual fee that’s usually justified by the annual companion fare.

Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan is highly regarded by both locals and international travelers. The program features a wide range of international and domestic redemption opportunities.

Alaska Airlines’ domestic flights start at 5,000 miles one-way. Earning 30,000 miles a year is enough to get you a one-way ticket to many international destinations.

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