Can You Bring a Tripod on an Airplane?

TSA questions always arise when people are preparing for a flight. The anxiety of not knowing what to bring can create stress. The question of getting a tripod on an airplane is a very understandable question to ask.

Tripods and selfie sticks are one of the most common items travelers bring with them on trips. Yet, also one of the most stressful items because you’re not just traveling with a tripod most of the time. You might have other camera gear on top of your item.

Whether you’re bringing a photograph tripod, travel tripod, studio tripod, or camera gear in general, it is essential to take the initiative and look up the TSA guidelines to be extra aware.

People go through the TSA scan when traveling; they are expected to take off shoes clothing, and all bags must be screened through the TSA machine. No one wants to be held up, miss a flight.

Everyone has that subconscious fear that their items may be taken away or disregarded is real. So it’s no wonder people search the internet for questions about traveling rules and regulations. Start by opening your browser on your phone or computer and checking out the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website.

Can You Bring a Tripod on an Airplane in 2022?

Yes, you can bring a tripod on the plane and this is approved by the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Your tripod can either be outside or packed away in a carry-along bag. According to TSA, you are allowed one check bag and a carry-on bag.

However, just because the TSA approves of your tripod doesn’t mean the airline will. It is a possibility that some airlines may reject tripods that take up space. In addition, other countries have their own aviation security rules. So it’s essential to research and verify the rules before you get to the airport.

The TSA can be unpredictable, and some of your items may be subject to additional scanning. Passengers bringing a tripod on an airplane should make sure the bag or suitcase is an adequate size and stored away correctly to avoid any damages.

What size of a Tripod Can You Bring on a Plane?

A key thing to note is that your tripod must be less than 22 inches to fit the overhead bin in a perpendicular direction. This will ensure that no one keeps a bag on your equipment and damages it. 

The size could be an issue, and passengers should reconsider the type of tripod they bring on an airplane. The plane’s overhead compartments have limited space, and depending on the tripod, it could be long or short in length. That is something to consider while traveling.

The best option is to get a travel-sized tripod that attaches to your backpack; this way, your tripod is visible, and you have room in the backpack for other irreplaceable items. The option is better because the tripod can stay overhead and doesn’t take up too much space.

The TSA may approve of people traveling with tripods. However, a tripod should not exceed the maximum carry-on limit. The items you can afford to lose should go inside the checked bag; expensive things to replace should go in the carry-on bag.

Is There Different Rules for Tripod on a Plane?

There are no specific rules to take a tripod on a plane. The only thing you have to ensure is that the weight and size of the item are under the maximum limits.

But it is essential to take the necessary steps in being educated on what you can and cannot bring. Also, most airlines have three types of bags: carry-on, personal items, and checked bags. Different airlines have different requirements, especially if you’re going cross country. So it’s always important to stay one step ahead.

Unfortunately, at any time, your carry-on could become a checked bag depending on the airline; this is inevitable. But try to avoid it because suitcases are constantly thrown around violently by airport staff; this is necessary because they need to work at a certain speed. Also, a tripod and fluid head could get damaged.

Depending on the size of the tripod may take up a lot of space, and it could be a danger if not stored in the overhead compartment properly.

Which Tripod is Best to Carry on a Plane?

If you’re traveling with more camera equipment, invest in a lightweight tripod. A brand like  Mefoto Global Trotter and Manfrotto 190go is light and can be found on Amazon. 

These tripods fold up easily. Suitable for people going on a quick adventure, travel tripods are designed to be compatible, take up less space, and have easy mobility,  so you have room for other things.

For professionals, an excellent way to pack your bags is to make things more compatible, especially traveling with more camera gear. For example, two larger tripods equal in length combine the tripods.

How Should I Travel with a Tripod on the Plane?

After you connect the tripods at legs, they will fit together perfectly, and use the stone bag to secure the tripods in place. Then take off the fluid head and store it away in a backpack or carry-along suitcase. A good quality bag like Induro is excellent because it converts to a backpack and helps to hold the tripod in place.

Another option is to use an extra-large LLB rolling duffle bag to place the tripod bag inside for an extra layer of protection for your travels. Then you will have room for other vital equipment like berries, chargers, lenses, and so on.

Do this when flying with your tripod:

  • Do check the maximum item requirement.
  • Choose an airline that will give the most appropriate size.
  • Be adaptable and think fast because the airline might not always accept your tripod on the plane.
  • Bring only what you need
  • Do look up the airlines the allow the most personal luggage
  • Do buy good quality travel bag
  • Do lie if you have too
  • Get a luggage weight from amazon. So you know if your bag is overweight.

Don’t this when flying with your tripod:

  • Check your camera bag under the plane because tripods can be pretty expensive.
  • Don’t tell the airline staff that you’re a professional using expensive equipment. They will try to charge you more
  • Try to avoid checking your tripod in as the checked bag
  • Don’t bring a big tripod.

Are You Allowed to Take a Tripod on a Plane?

TSA allows you to bring a tripod on the plane. You are allowed 1 carry on and you can place your tripod either inside or outside of your carry on. If your tripod have spiked feet, you should remove it before the airport security to avoid problems.

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