Can You Bring Nips on an Airplane? (Answered)

Packing for airplanes can be stressful, and when going on an airplane there are many things to consider such as what you can and what you can’t bring. These rules are subject to change depending on whether you are traveling with a carry-on, regular luggage or both.

TSA, also known as Transportation Security Administration, is an administration that ensures the safety of all passengers that travel through any American airport/ airline. When going on an airplane you have to adhere to all of TSA’s guidelines.

 It is common for people to want to bring personal items from homes such as liquids and self-defense items. It is even more common for people to want to bring in alcohol, marijuana, and other sorts of medications. Unfortunately, TSA has very strict rules that need to be followed.

These rules include prohibiting items such as carrying self-defense items mace, guns, pocketknives, and so forth since they are a direct danger to you and everyone else on the flight. Also, things like perfumes, shampoo, and alcohol are prohibited due to the fact they can be used as explosives.

TSA will usually confiscate items that cannot be brought on the plane through a carry-on, but this isn’t always the case. Not following these rules can result in you being prohibited from the plane and being escorted out of the airport.

Overall, the worst thing that can happen is being escorted to the authorities for questioning, which can take up to hours depending on what prohibited item you had in your carry-on bag.

Can You Bring Nips on an Airplane?

You are allowed to bring 3.4 ounces worth of sealed alcohol in a quart-sized bag, these small bottles are also known as nips. Nips that are brought onto airplanes need to be sealed and kept in your carry-on bag.

Although you can bring nips on planes, it cannot be consumed during the duration of the plane ride.

The activities majority of adults would enjoy the most would be drinking or smoking. Although smoking is strictly prohibited on planes, drinking is allowed, but with strings attached.

Alcohol makes things rather fun, and not boring. Although it seems like a great idea to bring alcohol onto a plane, it needs to be checked and ran through TSA checkpoints.   

Alcohol can be brought onto planes in tiny bottles known as nips but cannot be opened and enjoyed drinking during the duration of the flight.

If you want to consume any alcoholic beverages they must be ordered from the airlines’ menu, there is no limit as to how much alcohol you can drink during your flight.

TSA has strict rules and regulations that prohibit people from drinking nips openly during a plane ride, they require any amount of alcohol brought onto a plane to be sealed and put away into your carry-on bag.

TSA will not bend the rules for anyone, especially if you are breaking the rules in regards to their 3-1-1 rule.

These rules apply to everyone who is traveling through airports and airplanes. The alcohol rules require keeping alcoholic beverages under the 70% level as anything above that is too concentrated.

TSA’s Alcohol Rules

TSA has many rules and codes to follow and is especially strict when it comes to liquids. Since liquids have been deemed to be harmful, and dangerous. Liquids put an overall risk on the safety of other passengers as liquids can be used as explosives.

Due to this TSA has created a 3-1-1 rule which implies every traveler may convey fluids, gels, and aerosol products in travel size compartments that are 3.4 ounces. Each traveler is restricted to one quart-size pack of fluids, gels, and aerosol products.

The 3-1-1 guideline is used as a safety measure and limits the measure of fluids an individual can pack in their carry-on bag. This has all been used to keep the safety of all passengers who chose to fly. Violating these guidelines will cause issues between you and your flight.

It is important to state that this limitation applies to U.S.based air carriers anywhere. When the plane isn’t in the U.S. or if it is just over the U.S., it is still a priority to keep the same rules and guidelines across the country. Safety efforts do start well before you show up at the air terminal.

According to TSA.GOV, alcohol with over 24% yet not over 70% liquor is restricted in checked bags to 5 liters which is 1.3 gallons per traveler and should be in sealed packaging. Alcohol with 24% liquor or less is not required to limitations in checked bags.

Small bottles of liquor in carry-on must have the option to fit into a single quart-sized bag.

Essentially, for bags that are checked in, alcohol is allowed but you are only permitted to 1.3 gallons of alcohol and there is a restriction to the alcohol level, so keep it between 24%-70%.

While carry-on bags have strict limitations such as sticking to the recommended size of 3.4 ounces per bottle is the only way alcohol can be brought onto the plane. These nips must stay in their quart-sized bag as taking them out will get you into legal trouble.

Anything above 70% of alcohol level is strictly prohibited onto the plane. This rule applies to both your carry-on and your even luggage that stays in the cargo.  

How Many Nips Can You Bring?

People traveling may convey as many 3.4-ounce containers of fluid, that fit easily in one, quart-sized, clear plastic, zip-lock pack.

This has to be sealed and cannot burst open at any point in time during the flight. Only one pack is allowed per traveler.

The positive side is that many mini bottles of alcohol are 1.7 ounces. Making it easier to pack more and have as many as you would like for in-between flights or at hotel stays.

Nip Size

The overall size of each nip can be anywhere from 1.7 ounces to 3.4 ounces.

 Make sure to follow this, as this is a TSA rule. The majority of liquor stores sell nips in 1.7-ounce bottles, this makes it easier to pack and keep in a quart-sized bag.

It is recommended to buy from a distillery as they will be properly sealed. You will not have to worry about any spillage, or leak in. your carry-on.

Types of Nips you Can Bring

You can bring any type of nip as long as it follows TSA’s guidelines. The only restriction on the type of nip you bring is based upon the type of alcohol level inside the drink.

Types of alcohol that can be enjoyed during your flight are wine, sparkling wine, beer, and spirits. If anything is below 12% it is safe to enjoy, and you will not be excessively drunk.

There should be no drinking from nips on planes as that is a clear violation of the airplane’s rules.

Can You Drink Your Nips during a Plane ride?

No, you cannot drink any alcohol that you may have brought onto a plane. Make sure to keep all nips sealed in a quarter-sized bag safely packed away in your carry-on. 

Airline guidelines restrict travelers from devouring any liquor installed in an airplane that is not being served by the air carrier.

This is somewhat to guarantee that travelers can’t become excessively intoxicated during the flight. Airlines watch passengers and ensure that they do not allow excessive consumption for passengers who appear to be drunk.

What Happens if you Get Caught Drinking Alcohol?

It is important to note that drinking unauthorized alcoholic beverages are illegal and you will be fined if caught.

Fines vary from state to state, but the maximum fine is $11,000. The fine is costly as airlines want to guarantee that people will not break the rules and drink alcohol unauthorized.

Make sure to keep all alcohol sealed and kept inside your carry-on. This will ensure a safe and stress-free flight, without the hassle of TSA and airline guidelines.

Source: TSA Alcohol Beverages Rules

Can you bring alcohol on a plane and drink it?

It’s legal to bring alcoholic beverages on airplanes, as long as they’re in small packages and are kept in clear, plastic bags. American Airlines and Southwest Airlines stopped serving alcohol on flights Sunday in response to an increase in violent behavior by passengers.

How long must a pilot wait after consuming alcohol?

It is a more conservative approach to avoid alcohol before flying if you have been intoxicated. If you mean that the scanners tell you that you’ve been drinking then the answer is no.

What happens if a pilot is drunk?

If an investigation reveals that a pilot was intoxicated before he or she took off, the FAA will typically revoke the license of the person suspected of causing the accident. The FAA has regulations that prevent pilots from having a blood-alcohol concentration of more than .04 percent.

How much alcohol can you drink on a plane?

In checked luggage, travelers may carry up to 5 liters of alcoholic beverages with a maximum alcohol content of up to 70%. Wines and other alcoholic drinks with less than 24% are not hazardous materials. Alcoholic beverages with more than 44% alcohol are limited to 5 liters in checked bags.

Are drinks free on flights?

Non-alcoholic drinks are free on all flights except economy-class passengers. You are not allowed to drink alcohol aboard an aircraft if it has been served to or obtained by you. This applies to both alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks.

How do you pay for alcohol on a plane?

Most airlines now have a cashless cabin where payment for alcoholic beverages and snacks is only allowed by credit or debit cards. American Airlines offers alcoholic drinks in the first class cabin. However, non-alcoholic drinks are also served in the main cabin on flights with less than 250 miles.

Why do people drink on airplanes?

Airplanes keep the cabin pressure at a low level, which lowers oxygen levels in the brain. This effect can trigger the consumption of alcohol and other drugs. You can’t carry more than one bottle of wine in a 1-quart bag.

How do you sneak alcohol on a plane in your carry-on?

Travelers can carry as many as 3.4 ounce bottles of liquid in one quart-sized, clear plastic bag. This bag is comfortable to hold. Yeti cups are very popular among travelers. They are allowed on airplanes as carry-on items and in checked baggage.