Can You Bring Umbrellas On The plane?

Usually, airlines allow passengers to carry umbrellas on planes if they have a small, folding umbrella that fits under the seat or in the overhead compartments. If it’s under 20 inches wide, then bring it with you.

On most US airlines, carrying umbrellas is allowed as part of your carry-on. However, some airports and airlines have restrictions on the use of these items.

umbrellas are designed to protect us from the harsh weather. They’re also useful to carry when traveling.Be sure to read up on the rules when it comes to carrying umbrellas on board.

Umbrellas are allowed in carry-on bags on most airlines. However, they still have to fit within the airlines’ size limits.

Which Type of Umbrella Should You Bring?

Umbrellas with pointed ends

Most people said that they did not have any issues with these types of umbrellas. However, they may cause headaches when going through security checks.

Due to the pointed ends of umbrellas, they are prohibited in airports and airplanes. The only airports that explicitly ban these types of umbrellas are the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Turkish Airlines.

Long, Straight Umbrellas

Since umbrellas are not allowed to be checked in luggage, it’s advised to avoid bringing long ones with you when traveling.

Even if a regular umbrella doesn’t have a pointed end, it can still be banned on airlines if it has a long enough frame. For most airlines, this rule applies if the umbrella measures more than 21-24 inches long.

Short, Foldable Umbrellas

The only umbrellas that are allowed 100% of the time are those with no pointed ends. If you don’t own one, a good alternative is to get a new one from a trusted retailer.

Are Umbrellas Allowed in Checked Luggage?

Although the Transportation Security Administration allows umbrellas in checked luggage, some airlines may not allow them in carry-on bags with longer than 32 inches. If your bag is longer than that, you may have to use the Postal Services.

Although umbrellas are allowed to be packed in checked luggage, they are only inspected if they have a pointed end and are made out of sharp metals.

Umbrella Restrictions Between Different Airlines

Although many airlines allow umbrellas on board, some of them only allow them in a limited capacity. Also, some airlines allow umbrellas for free.

American Airlines, for instance, prohibits umbrellas that are taller than 22 inches from being carried on.

For Delta Airlines, umbrellas can’t be longer than 22 inches in length. For Southwest Airlines, they can’t be longer than 24 inches in length.

On United Airlines, umbrellas must be less than 22 inches long. Also, if carried separately, they’re not counted as carry-ons. On Air Canada, umbrellas should be no longer than 21.5 inches long.

On Alaska Airlines, umbrellas are not counted as carry-on items. Instead, they should be small enough to fit under the seat or in the luggage.

On JetBlue Airways, umbrellas are not counted as carry-ons. However, they’re still subject to the availability of space on the plane.

Spirit Airlines allows umbrellas to be carried as carry-on items. However, they should not exceed 22 inches long.

Although Lufthansa allows umbrellas to be carried as personal items, they should not exceed 15 inches long. If not packed in their hand luggage, they should be counted as carry-on items.

On Air France, umbrellas can’t be longer than 21.7 inches. However, they’re still considered carry-on items and are not counted toward the carry-on allowance.

On British Airways, umbrellas are allowed as carry-on items. However, they’re also considered personal items if they’re not packed in their luggage.

Wizz Air, on the other hand, allows umbrellas to be carried as carry-on items. However, they should not exceed 21.6 inches long.

On Turkish Airlines, however, umbrellas are only allowed without a pointed tip. They are not counted toward the carry-on allowance.

Umbrella Restrictions Between Different Airports

Security checks are also carried out by the airport. You still have to follow the rules when entering an airport, especially if you’re carrying umbrellas. In most cases, airports allow all umbrellas.

Atlanta’s airport is regulated by the Transportation Security Administration, which means that it doesn’t enforce additional rules for carrying umbrellas.

Although the Bejing International Airport allows umbrellas, some customers said they got asked a lot of questions by the security agents.

Although the Dubai International Airport allows umbrellas, they aren’t included in its prohibited items list.

Los Angeles International Airport is regulated by the TSA, which means that it doesn’t enforce additional rules for carrying umbrellas.

Although umbrellas are allowed at the airport, they must be able to fit into the carry-on bag. The other items must be placed inside checked or hand luggage.

Advancements in Umbrella Technology

Another company that is pushing the envelope in the umbrella industry is Xiaomi, who created an umbrella that automatically unfolds into a beautiful shape to protect you from the sun. Their product is called the Lotus Flower.

If you’re one of those individuals who tends to misplace your umbrella, the Kisha Umbrella might be the solution for you. Its mobile app will notify you when it gets lost or stolen. It also has a weather app that will keep you safe from potential downpours.


If you are looking for a better umbrella, then consider investing in smart ones. They are more durable and will keep you safe from getting another one.

Although umbrellas are usually not a hard task when traveling, they should be brought in a length that’s not too long and doesn’t have a pointed end. If you don’t have one, check out the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella, which was rated the best travel umbrella in 2019.

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