Can You Wear Flip Flops on a Plane?

You can wear flip-flops on a plane as there are no TSA rules against wearing flip-flips on a plane. However, it is not recommended for safety and sanitation reasons.

Although it’s convenient for security, I often recommend wearing closed shoes when traveling.

Imagine being evacuated from an aircraft while wearing a pair of flimsy footwear.

Ideally, you should wear shoes that are closed-toe and are not easily melted or burned. Long pants are made of cotton or wool material that won’t melt or fuse.

While flip flops may seem perfect for a flight, especially a long flight because of their comfort and lack of constriction, it is actually not a good idea to wear flip flops on a plane. Why? Because of a few reasons:


If something happens and you need to evacuate the plane on a slide or dash away from the plane on rough terrain, wearing flip flops would leave your feet completely exposed and unprotected.


It can get pretty cold on a long flight. Wearing flip-flops could leave your feet freezing.


You do not want to be wearing flip-flops when using the bathroom on a plane. That puddle on the floor? It isn’t water and you don’t want it to splash onto your feet.

Can You Wear Flip Flops at Airport?

Flip-flops are very comfortable and look great. However, they are also very protective of your feet. TSA says flip-flops are the least practical piece of luggage for airports.

Aside from being uncomfortable, wearing flip-flops at an airport can also mean that you’re not allowed to enter the security area barefoot.

I asked a flight attendant what she thought of wearing flip-flops while flying. She said they were gross and could cause bacterial infections to her feet.

However, there is no law against wearing flip-flops at the airport. But you really should not be wearing flip flops to the airport for these reasons:


What if you get stuck in a traffic jam on your way to the airport? What if there is a delay and you are about to miss your connecting flight?

You must run like hell in these situations. Flip flops will not exactly help you run fast. They will only slow you down and potentially cost you your flight.


You would still need to take off your flip-flops at the airport security checkpoint. Typically you would wear flip-flops with no socks on.

That means once you take off your flip flops you would be standing barefoot on the floor. Think of all the bacteria and fungi that live on an airport floor. You don’t want to touch that with your bare skin. Trust me.