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16 Best Ways to Redeem Alaska Airlines Miles

Alaska Airlines miles are often coveted for scoring great deals on international flights. The company’s Mileage Plan program lets members rack up miles for trips to the likes of Hawaii and Switzerland. Even if you prefer the economy cabin, there are plenty of flight deals with Alaska Airlines. And if […]

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How Is Alaska Airlines Business Class?

Alaska Airlines will start offering its domestic first class seat from this month. It will also have high-speed WiFi for streaming video over the clouds. New first class seats for Alaska Airlines are equipped with a 40” pitch and are padded with memory foam. In addition, the tablet holders are […]

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What to Know About Alaska Airlines Mileage

For people who live in the West Coast, Alaska Airlines has all the perks of a good flight. It serves free in-flight coffee and has a co-branded credit card. Alaska’s frequent flyer program is one of the best ways to save money while flying. Its flexible membership structure and lucrative […]

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How To  Cancel Alaska Airlines Tickets

Getting a flight cancellation is often a frustrating and expensive process. Doing some research before booking can help you avoid paying the fees. If you’re planning on getting on a plane with Alaska Airlines soon, here are some details about their cancellation policy. Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy In response to […]