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How Do I Claim Compensation for Lost Luggage?

Having issues with your luggage at an airport is not only super stressful but can easily ruin your trip. Some of these issues include luggage damage, delays, and losing your luggage. It is a worst-case scenario but does happen to a few. Dealing with these issues can become overwhelming due […]

11 Packing Tips to Help You Travel Light and Look Terrific

11 Packing Tips to Help You Travel Light and Look Fabulous

As airlines institute ever-increasing fees for checking large bags, and airplane cabins become more and more cramped, it makes more sense than ever to try to travel light. But packing less without sacrificing style can be a bit tricky. This can be especially true when you expect to engage in […]

Carry-on Carry-on liquids - TSA Rules and Restrictions

Carry-on Liquids: TSA Rules and Restrictions

When we travel by air, there are some very important things that we need to know to ensure that we are not breaching any TSA or Airline guidelines. One of the things that we should be clear about before boarding any flight is the regulations governing carry-on liquids. We always […]