Does Southwest Airlines Charge For Bags?

After years of charging for checked bags, Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly and his successor Bob Jordan said that the carrier will not charge for the bags for the near future.

Jordan and Kelly said they were well-aligned with the company’s values and its commitment to customer service.

Kelly, who has been with the company since 2004, will become the executive chairman of Southwest Airlines.

Kelly has been known to defend the company’s “Bags Fly Free!” program, which allows passengers to check two bags without paying fees.

In overweight bags, which can weigh up to 100 pounds, the carrier charges for a one-way carry-on bag.

Despite the increasing number of fees for checked bags, Southwest still remains the only major airline that allows passengers to check two bags for free.

Southwest Airlines Excess Baggage Fees 

Southwest Airlines allow you to bring two checked bags, one carry-on, and one personal item for free. If you carry more than this limit, you must pay $75 for each bag. This amount is also applicable to overweight and oversized bags.

On the other hand, overweight bags are charged at a rate of $75 per bag.

After JetBlue started charging for checked bags for its lowest-fare customers, it was rumored that Southwest might follow suit. The company, which has been known to advertise its “bags fly free” slogan across the country, might start to consider scrapping its promotional campaign.

Avoiding Southwest Airlines Excess Baggage Fees 

Firstly, you should check the size and weight of your luggage before coming to the airport. Ensure that it is not more than 50 pounds to avoid an additional fee. This is the only way to prevent yourself from paying extra charges.

Before boarding a plane, it’s important to check the weight and size of your bag. If it exceeds 50 pounds, it will be labeled oversized, and you’ll be charged a $150 fee. Also, if it weighs more than 100 pounds, you’ll be required to ship it as cargo.

Since other airlines are also charging for bags, it has raised the possibility that Southwest might follow suit. The low-fare carrier has been known to advertise its “bags fly free” slogan all across the country. However, it is believed that the fees are necessary to make Southwest a profitable company.

Despite the rumors, Kelly said that Southwest will not charge for bags in the future. He also noted that the company will not impose change fees, which allow flyers to modify their plans without penalty.

During a conference in Orlando this week, Kelly was met with a rousing round of applause after saying that he would not charge for ancillary fees. Wall Street investors are also worried about the impact of the fees on their investments.

Kelly refuted the notion that the fees are necessary to make Southwest a profitable company. He said that the company’s customers prefer Southwest’s customer-oriented policies and its free checked baggage program.

While Southwest is not in danger of becoming another McEnery, it still charges for the best seats and boarding priority. It also doesn’t hand out seat assignments.

The company also charges for priority boarding and early check-in fees. It also keeps track of the bag fees that were collected by AirTran when the two airlines merged.

A consumer research company estimated that Southwest earned $1.9 billion from ancillary fees in 2014, which is slightly higher than the amount it earned the previous year.

Southwest Airlines Carry-On Bag Policy 

You can bring one carry-on bag and a small item as your carry-on luggage for free. Exceeding this limit will cause you to pay an additional charge of $75. The bag should also be less than 10 x 16 x 24 inches.

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Southwest is known for its low fares. The company doesn’t want to take away from its customers’ choice in how they travel.

It’s not surprising that Southwest’s bag fees are cheaper than those of major full-service airlines like United and American.

Airlines are facing the backlash from their customers over the fees. United’s CEO Jeff Smise defended the charges, saying that they are just a smart business decision.

Despite being a profitable company, Kelly noted that it’s hard for his customers to understand why they have to pay for ancillary fees.

In other news, Southwest is planning on expanding its operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. This could cause financial investors to worry about over-capacity and lower prices.

Fortunately, Southwest is known to be the most profitable airline in the industry. It has been doing so for a long time.

In today’s economy, it can be hard to find good deals when it comes to air travel. Sometimes, the low-cost carriers even charge double the normal fee for checking a bag.

The low-cost airline Southwest is also known for its unique customer-oriented policies and frequent flyer programs. Aside from these, it also offers the best deal in travel.

Southwest Airlines Checked Bag Policy 

Southwest Airlines allow you to bring two checked bags on all flights for free. After that, you will have to pay $75 for each additional bag to board them. This charge is also exclusive of the overweight and oversized fees.

The rising cost of checked bags is very difficult to justify. Some US airlines, like American, Delta, and United, charge $30 for the first bag and $40 for the second bag.

One of the most notable advantages of using Southwest is that it gives away two checked bags for free.

Although it’s not very common for people to carry two checked bags with them, it’s nice to have the option. For instance, my husband and I brought home an unbelievable amount of alcohol from Mexico.

Because of Southwest’s policy, my family only spent $150 round-trip on all these bags. It’s a lifetime deal!

Cost Of Checking A Bag With Southwest Airlines 

The airline allows you to check in two bags without any costs. After that, you must pay $75 to bring another luggage on the plane. Meanwhile, you will have to give up to $150 for carrying an additional carry-on with you.

When people plan on traveling for a holiday or a vacation, they often need to carry several bags. Knowing the amount that Southwest charges for checking a bag can help them avoid making a costly mistake.

Southwest also allows one carry-on bag for free. However, for the additional bag, the airlines charge a $150 fee.

Starting Time Of Bag Checking On Southwest Airlines 

The airline requires you to check your bags at least 2 hours before the flight departure. This is so that the airline inspects your luggage on time. Sometimes you may also have to check the bags earlier than expected. 

Before boarding the plane, passengers need to check in at the airport for the necessary formalities. This includes the check-in process, as well as the personal verification process.

Usually, Southwest customers check their bags at least 120 minutes before their scheduled departure. This ensures that the bag check opens on time.

The passengers are also asked to reach the airport before 3 hours of their departure time to make sure the processes are handled smoothly.

Southwest Airlines Bag Carrying Policy 

Firstly, your bag should not be more than 50 pounds to avoid extra charges. Besides that, your carry-on should be 10 x 16 x 24 inches or less to keep you from getting into trouble. You must also follow the 3-1-1 rule.

Southwest has a variety of policies that allow its passengers to customize their travel accommodations. One of these is their baggage policy. Knowing this information will help them avoid making a mistake.

One carry-on bag can be carried on with a width of 10 x 16 inches and a height of 24 inches. It’s also allowed to carry one small bag for free.

Southwest Airlines Extra Charges For Carry-Ons 

Southwest Airlines charges an additional fee if you bring more than one carry-on on the flight. Typically, you can expect to pay $75 to $150 for taking another bag on the flight. However, the airline does charge you for one carry-on.

Being the best customer service provider is what Southwest does. They take the time to listen to their passengers and provide the necessary assistance during the entire booking process. Usually, airlines allow passengers to carry only the necessary items to ensure their comfort.

Usually, Southwest allows one carry-on bag for free. However, for those who want to carry additional bags, they need to pay for the additional luggage. Usually, Southwest charges for the additional bag and the handling charges.

Southwest Airlines Curbside Check-In Cost 

The company does not charge you anything for curbside check-in costs. However, the airline may accept your gratuities if you wish to provide them with some amount. This process is mainly designed to help you save money and time.

Southwest Airlines is known for providing the best customer service possible. This is why the company’s passengers can rest assured that they will receive the same quality of services from their airline.

Most of the time, the passengers prefer to check-in curbside instead of going through the traditional check-in process. It saves them time and helps them avoid missing their flight.

The company’s curbside check-in service is also provided for those who use e-tickets. Through this process, a passenger can bring their bag to the designated passenger while checking in.

Although the check-in process is free for Southwest’s passengers, they do not charge them for this service.

Bottom Line

The other airlines that offer the same free checked bag policy are shamed by Southwest. It saves travelers up to $150 round-trip.

The free checked bags from Southwest are powerful enough to convince many people to travel with the company. However, using a credit card to save on the fees won’t do much for you.

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