Does Southwest Premium Economy Get Lounge Access?

Upon entering JFK’s Terminal 4, most passengers exit the security checkpoint and head toward the Etihad Airways Premium Lounge. This new facility, which was originally designed for first- and business-class passengers, is now open to everyone.

Due to the lack of space in airport lounges, airlines have started offering “one off” access to these areas. These areas are usually only available to elite passengers, and those who pay for their one-off access receive the same perks as those who travel in first or business class.

Several airlines, including American, Delta, and United, are also offering paid access to their lounges. For domestic flights, Delta, United, and Emirates charge $59 for a one-day pass, while those who travel internationally can get in for $75. There are also apps that allow people to pay for instant access to airport lounges.

Some airlines, such as United, Delta, and American, are also offering paid access to their lounge sections. For domestic flights, Delta charges $59 for a one-day pass, while United and American are both at $145. In addition, Emirates offers both international and domestic lounge access for a nominal fee.

Value Of Premium Lounge Access On A Flight 

The price of premium lounge access varies from one airline to another. It is a good option if you want to enjoy a peaceful flight. Besides that, you will also get access to different food and drink items at the airport. 

Depending on the type of service that you’re looking for, and how much peace and quiet you value, these areas can be a good value. The Etihad Airways Premium Lounge at JFK is an example.

It’s not hard to imagine paying for a visit to this area, as other areas offer better food and drink options. However, to evaluate its value, consider how long you’ll spend in the airport and what kind of food and drink options you’ll consume.

Before entering the area, make sure to have your boarding pass and credit card handy. Once in, ask the agent to quote you the price for your stay and provide an overview of the facilities.

Although Southwest Airlines doesn’t operate their own lounges, there are plenty of low-cost options that allow passengers to gain access to these areas. One of these is the Lounge Buddy app.

Southwest passengers can get in through Lounge Buddy at some of the biggest airports in the country, such as: OAK (Los Angeles), MCO (Houston), and PHX (Philadelphia). Day passes can also be purchased at the front desk of other airlines’ lounges.

Getting The Lounge Access On Southwest Airlines 

Southwest Airlines does not offer a direct program to provide you with lounge access. However, you can still get the service using related programs such as the LoungeBuddy app. The lounge access is available at various locations through different platforms.

Some of the most important airports in the country include Oakland International Airport, Chicago Midway International Airport, and Atlanta’s Jackson International Airport.

I’m a Midwesterner who despises Southwest Airlines. As a result, I often get asked why I fly Delta and American instead of Southwest. I do not have the same non-stop options out of St. Louis than I do with Southwest.

Although Southwest Airlines is known for being one of the most expensive options out there, they’re not far off from being the least expensive option.

In St. Louis, Southwest is typically several hundred dollars more expensive than other airlines. To prove this, I tried using Google Flights and

For my first flight, I searched for flights from Phoenix to Phoenix, as well as San Francisco and Seattle. The second flight was from Denver, as well as another from Seattle. In total, I had three flights looking for one free checked bag. Remember, Southwest only has carry-on luggage.

Southwest Airlines Programs For Frequent Flyers 

Southwest Airlines has a Rapid Rewards program to help frequent flyers maximize the benefits of travelling. You can use this option to earn reward points and redeem them for trips. Besides that, you can use a credit card to purchase things and get points.

Since I despise Southwest’s frequent flyer programs, I usually buy Business Select tickets when I have to fly them. These are the only available options.

If you’re a Rapid Rewards member, this is fantastic if you’re looking for a great deal. However, if you’re looking for more flexibility and a free drink on each flight, then the Business Select fare is way too much.

It’s not every day that I buy first class tickets, but since the price difference between economy and first class is less than $300, I do it every time I fly.

Usually, it’s not uncommon to find a cheaper flight from St. Louis to Seattle if you fly with Delta or American. The lowest price for a first-class ticket from St. Louis to Seattle is $397.

The cheapest first class fares I’ve seen from St. Louis to Seattle were $613 in Business Select.

On Delta and American, you’ll receive priority boarding, free meals, and free drinks. Compared to Southwest’s free drink and extra legroom, these are far better deals.

It occurred to me that Southwest Airlines could improve the attractiveness of Business Select by opening more common use airport lounges. This would allow Business Select passengers to enjoy the same services as other travelers.

There are no international airlines that have partnered with US airlines to provide first class lounge access. Also, some international airlines have unused lounges due to flight times.

Lounges that are in the Lounge Club network are typically associated with other airlines and allow passengers to purchase day passes.

I understand that Southwest Airlines doesn’t offer first class. However, I can’t help but wonder how much they charge for Business Select and how they can offer almost nothing in return.

Accessing The Southwest Airlines Concorde Room 

Firstly, you must fly first-class if you want to use this service. Besides that, you can earn tier points to enter the Southwest Executive Club for accessing the room. You can use get the service by becoming a Gold Guest member.

Since the Southwest Concorde rooms are the most elegant of all the Southwest lounges, you have to fly first class to access them. There are also 3 ways to get in.

You can get a Southwest Executive Club tier point called the Concorde Room card. This is an unclassified status level that requires 25,000 Tier points each year. The tier points are equivalent to around 1,500 for a yearly flight with the airline.

If you’re a Gold Guest member of the Executive Club, you can access the club’s other lounges when traveling with British Airways.

First Lounge Of The Southwest Galleries 

The Southwest Galleries are another luxury service that you can get apart from the Concorde rooms. You can enjoy this option by flying first-class on this airline. Typically, you will get access to excellent food, drinks, and much more.

The Southwest Galleries first lounges are second to the Concorde rooms in terms of first-class facilities. They have plenty of space to accommodate first-class passengers and are also known for their fine food and drink options.

First-Class Lounge Of Southwest Airlines 

You can access the first-class lounge to get premium services such as fine food. Southwest Airlines allow you to use this room if you’re a gold member of the Southwest Executive Club. You can also become a One World Emerald member.

First class passengers can access the facilities of South Weston the same day or upon connecting after they’ve arrived in first class.

You can also get first class access by being a One world Emerald member or a Southwest Executive Club gold member. Both of these can be used when traveling with One world partner airline.


I think that offering Business Select passengers the same access as other passengers make the journey more enjoyable. However, I’m not sure that this is an ideal selling point since there are certainly issues with offering Business Select passengers this type of service.

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