Does United Airlines Charge For Wifi?

United Airlines is a renowned air transportation company that operates around 4500+ daily flights globally. With its various Wi-Fi options, the passengers can get the best experience while travelling.

United Airlines is a founding member of Star Alliance, which means that it provides its passengers with the best in class Wi-Fi service. The company has collaborated with various Wi-Fi providers to ensure that its passengers have access to the latest technology.

How Much Does United Airlines Wifi Cost?

As a passenger, you can rely on United WiFi SM on all of its aircraft. There are four Wi-Fi providers that offer a wide range of coverage.

The Coverage Area And Aircraft Of Each Are:


On the US mainland and parts of Canada, passengers can rely on Gogo. This service is available for various aircraft models such as the Boeing 757-200.


On the other hand, a Wi-Fi hotspot is only available on select aeroplanes operated by Panasonic. Some of the aircraft that are currently using this service include the Airbus 320, Boeing 757-200, and Boeing 777.


For the US, passengers can also rely on Thales for their Wi-Fi needs. For instance, they can select the Boeing 757-200 and the Boeing 737-700.


ViaSat offers Wi-Fi service to the passengers of various countries, including the US mainland and Canada. Some of the aircraft that are currently using this service include the Airbus 319, Boeing 757-200, and Boeing 737-900.

United Airlines offers a variety of plans for its Wi-Fi service. Some of these include monthly and annual subscriptions.

How to Connect United WiFi?

To connect to United’s Wi-Fi network, make sure that the device is in flight mode. To access its online portal, go to the United Wi-Fi Portal. Then select “United WiFi” from the list of available wireless networks. If the device is not in flight mode, go to the United Website.

Before going to flight mode, go to the United WIFI APP and search for the available wireless connection. Once connected, go to the United Wifi purchase page and complete the transaction.

The United Airlines Wi-Fi Cost is $17.00 per month, which includes unlimited access on all flights. Some of the plans that come with this service are the All Day Pass, which provides 24 hours of internet access; the Traveler Pass, which offers 10 days of unlimited access.

How Fast Is United Airlines Wifi?

The average United Airlines Wi-Fi speed is around 500 to 600 Kibibits per second. For downloads and uploads, this service can reach up to 300 Kibibits per second.

Who Is United Airlines Wifi Provider?

Depending on the type of plane and the route it travels, United Airlines has a few Wi-Fi providers. One of these is called FlyingGogo, which allows passengers to enjoy both Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment.

Does United Airlines Wifi Support Netflix?

United Airlines’ Wi-Fi allows passengers to stream content to various devices while onboard.

United Airlines Wifi Refund Policies

To get a United Airlines Wifi refund, all you need to do is to go to the airline’s website and fill out the form. After doing so, you will be sent an email with a confirmation that will provide a refund for the unused portion of your United Airlines ticket.

United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, with almost 90,000 employees. It served more than 160 million passengers last year.

Due to the success of its Wi-Fi service, United became one of the first airlines to allow passengers to access the internet while they’re on board.

The excitement of flying quickly wears off, and it leaves you trapped in a capsule with people you don’t know.

Inflight entertainment is often needed to take the mind off of the fact that you’re flying. It can also be used to finish a heated conversation with a significant other.

Wi-Fi is a great solution for these types of problems, but the quality of it is typically not top-notch.

Ideally, you should book an internet connection that’s compatible with the flight you’re flying on. Not every flight has the same connection, so make sure that you’re getting the most reliable option.

Common Issues With United Airlines Wi-Fi

United Airlines’ Wi-Fi is typically slow. If you’re trying to stream videos, you’ll be unable to do so due to it not being able to support video calls. It’s also not allowed to play video games.

If you have to work late for a deadline, or need to upload or download important documents, you’d better make sure that the internet is strong enough to support that.

United Airlines is working towards improving its service for its passengers. If something goes wrong, there’s a good chance that you should have a backup plan in case something gets worse.

How can you seek a refund for weak Wi-Fi on United Airlines flight?

United has a great track record of customer service, and if you encounter a problem, they’ll most likely offer compensation in the form of a gift or a bonus.

If you’re not satisfied with the compensation or refund that they offered, you may need to sue the company in order to get your money back. This is because, under the law, they don’t have to refund you anything, and they can only offer you the compensation that’s their goodwill.

Getting a refund or compensation from United Airlines can be very challenging, and there are no guarantees that you’ll be successful.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to get a refund or compensation from United Airlines: using DoNotPay. While it may take a few minutes to complete, it’s still possible that you will be successful.

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Why would they give it away for free?

Some commentators have asked the same question: why would an airline provide free Wi-Fi when they can charge for it? Just like text messaging, the internet doesn’t have variable costs once it’s installed.

During a recent meeting of United’s shareholders, the company’s CEO Scott Kirby talked about the company’s plan on investing in technology to improve connectivity on board.

Kirby mentioned that the company’s goal is to provide its customers with a high-quality network that can support their needs.

To compete with other airlines, United will eventually lose customers who are already willing to pay for their internet.