Flying With Camping Gear & Backpack: An Ultimate Guide

So, you are going on that camping trip that you have wanted to do forever, the camping site is however in a different state or out of the country, but you still need to carry along all the gears and equipment that you need to make the trip enjoyable.

Here are our best tips for flying with your camping equipment and backpack.

Flying With Camping Gear

How to pack for camping when flying

When packing your camping gear for flying, there are some factors that you will need to take into consideration. One of the things that you should aim to do is pack as light as you can.

  • You should take along lightweight clothing such as quick-drying pants, shorts or t-shirts, and socks. Clothing that is heavy and hard to dry, such as jeans are not recommended when going camping. Take along a couple of long-sleeved shirts if you can and also a lightweight jacket to counter against cold temperatures, especially at nights.
  • You will also need to ensure that you take along camping footwear, you can pack a small camping stove if you can. If you are taking along a stove, you must ensure that all gas canisters are removed from it since no form of fuel is allowed on an airplane.
  • Lightweight sleeping bags and travel detergent are also items that you pack for your trip. Also, micro-fiber towels and an inflatable pillow are essential items that take up very little space when packed properly.
  • Also, you might need to take along a pot for cooking, a pot that can be used for preparing a variety of meals will be ideal. You can also take along a plastic bowl for your soup or cereal, a collapsible water container, and a light cutting board. You can take along cutlery items such as a knife and a few forks and spoons; you will, however, need to be mindful that all cutlery items have to be packed in your checked luggage for security reasons.

The aim is to pack as lightly as possible yet taking along all the essential items that you need for a comfortable and enjoyable camping trip!

How do you secure a backpack for a flight?

If you are traveling for camping, a backpack is a must-have item. You have to ensure that your backpack is properly secured, whether you are taking it as carry-on luggage or checking it.

Backpack as a carry-on item

If you are planning to take your backpack as a carry-on, you will need to ensure that it does not exceed the airline size limit for carry-on items, you can find out what the size limit is by contacting the airline ahead of time. You will also need to adhere to all carry-on guidelines such as 3.4-ounce size liquids, fitting in a quartz size plastic bag.

You should ensure that all compartments of your backpack are properly closed and secured with a TSA approved lock whether your bag is a carry-on or if you are checking it. These locks on your backpack help to protect you from unscrupulous people who might try to get into your bag while you are going through the airport, especially if the airport is busy. (Check our favorite TSA approved luggage locks on Amazon)

When storing your backpack in the overhead bin, you should place it with the straps facing down and the top facing up; this storage position will make your backpack less likely to tangle with other items in the overhead bin and also make it easier for you to remove once you get to your destination.

Checking your backpack

If you are checking your backpack, it is highly recommended that you secure it by using a backpack airport cover (see Amazon’s choice here), a duffle bag, or a zippered plastic bag. This is important to protect your backpack from potential damage or to ensure that all your items stay together if you have stuff like hiking gear or sleeping bags attached to your backpack.

Your backpack is your lifeline when going on that exciting hiking or camping trip; it is essential that you do all you can to secure it while flying to your destination. These tips are some guidelines to help you do just that when venturing out on your next camping trip.

How to check backpacking gear

Checking backpacking gear is sometimes required if your backpack is too large to be a carry-on item or if you just don’t want to have the stress of taking a heavy backpack on the plane with you.

You can check your backpacking gear either at the gate or before you go through airport security. You will need to be aware that items such as any type of fuel, flare, or anything that can ignite are not allowed on an airplane.

You can, however, check a small camping stove, a knife and a pot in your backpack.

Shipping camping gear ahead

If you love traveling light, probably only with your backpack, and you are going on a camping trip, a good idea would be to ship your camping gear to your destination. There is no limit as to what items you can ship to your camping destination, whether it is tents, fishing equipment, cooking supplies, hiking tools, among many other supplies.

Before you ship, you will need to find out the timeframe for delivery of your items and also identify a person or entity that will collect and keep the items on your behalf. One of the leading companies that ship items internationally is DHL; you can use their services to ship to almost anywhere in the world. If you are shipping within the United States, UPS or the National Postal Service are excellent options.

Shipping your camping gear, whether locally or internationally, is a great idea for a hassle-free and fun-filled camping trip. You will also avoid the airline weight limitations and TSA restrictions that might result in some of your precious camping gear been confiscated at the airport.


Finally, when camping out of state or out of the country, you have many options available to get your camping gear to your destination. You can check them onto the plane or bring them as carry-on luggage.

You must, however, be aware of the guidelines governing flying with camping gear to avoid any issues at the airport or on the airplane. If necessary, you can also ship your camping gear to your destination ahead of time!

Can I bring camping gear on a plane?

You may transport this item in checked bags or carry-on bags. Instead of checking a bag, pack light and carry your bag on the plane. It’s better to have it on hand than to check it for the luggage compartment. Also, don’t carry it on if it’s an essential piece of equipment.

What camping gear can you not fly with?

Camp stove fuel – This is not allowed on a plane. Bear spray is also not allowed on a plane. Can I take my Percussion massager gun on a plane? The simple answer is yes, but it depends on the individual security staff member.

Can I fly with a massage gun?

Since Theragun devices have built-in Lithium-ion batteries, they must be stored in their carry-on bags. For instance, American Airlines and Northwest Airlines require that the bag’s three sides do not exceed 36 inches.

Can you fly with a tent in your carry-on?

You may carry this item in checked or carry-on bags. It is usually checked with the airline to ensure that it fits in the overhead bin or under the seat of the aircraft. It’s important to check the dimensions to avoid an oversize charge. If it’s not an issue, then make sure to protect it as much as possible.

Can you fly with a hiking backpack?

You can carry trekking poles as checked baggage. However, if you have non-rounded edges on your objects, they should not be carried as checked baggage. Solid food items, such as fruits, vegetables, and meat, can be transported in either carry-on or checked bag. These items should be placed in their checked bags if possible.

Is a 55l backpack carry-on?

The 40L backpack can carry up to 40 items, which is slightly more than the usual carry-on size limit. However, it’s not ideal for carrying two bags. If the airline has a container for your bag, check if it fits inside or buy a large duffel bag. You can also pack it on the bottom and put it in your backpack.

What is not allowed in checked baggage?

Various types of Explosive materials such as Gunpowder, Flare Guns, and many more. In most cases, checked bags are searched for drugs. However, it’s important to note that carrying marijuana or any other medical device is not allowed to be carried in checked bags.

Can I pack clothes in my carry-on bag?

Having at least one set of clothes is a wise choice when it comes to your carry-on bag. It can be difficult to find enough clothes to fit all of your bags. If two backpacks are carried-on luggage, one of them should be bigger than the other one. It should be placed in the overhead bin.

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