Travel Tips for Parents Flying with Teens

Are you the parent of a teenager?  If you are, are you in the process of planning a trip that requires air travel?  If so, you may be looking for tips that can help you and you family have a nice and pleasant flight.

When flying with a teenager, you will find that you are very lucky.  This is due in part to your child’s age.  Teenagers are likely to be more pleasant and cooperative on flights, especially when compared to toddlers and preschoolers.  Still, you may be looking for some extra tips for flying with your teen, just in case.

Travel Tips for Parents Flying with Teens

Watch Their Language

One of the first things that you will want to do is teach your child the importance of watching what is said at the airport.  With security concerns, it is not uncommon for travelers to be detained for a closer look, even just when joking. 

Many teens do like to joke around, so be sure to let your teen know the danger of doing so.  Make sure that they know not to repeat certain words in an airport, such as knife, gun, bomb, or terrorist.  Your teenager may already know this important piece of information, but there is no harm in providing a quick reminder.

Check Their Bags

If you let your child pack their own bags for your trip, be sure to give them a quick look over.  The checking of your teen’s carry-on luggage is extremely important.  Does your child have anything in their carry-on bag that may result in your family being stopped at an airport security checkpoint? 

As for checked baggage, make sure that your child’s bags are not overfilled.  Also, make sure that they don’t put anything of great value or importance, like a digital camera or a laptop computer in a checked bag, as damage can occur.

Foods And Drinks

You will also want to make sure that your child has a drink or snack for the trip. This is particularly ideal for short flights or picky eaters and drinkers. Although many dry snacks, like chips, are okay to pick up before arriving at the airport, drinks are another story. 

Due to a TSA limit on liquids, have your child get a soda, water, or juice at an airport store, namely one that is positioned after you have passed through all needed security checkpoints.  This approach may cost more money, but the end result is much less hassle.

Keeping Teens Entertained On A Plane

Since all passengers are allowed a carry-on bag, you will want to make sure that your child brings things that interest them.  For example, books and magazines are cheap ways to keep teens occupied on an airplane ride. 

Extra items that are perfect for teens include handheld video gaming consoles, DVD players, and MP3 players.  There are some locations in the United States where you can rent these items if you or your teen doesn’t already own them.  When using anything electronic, be sure to bring a few extra batteries or a power bank and keep them in your purse or in a carry-on bag.


As highlighted above, there are a number of steps that you, as a parent, can take to ensure that your next family flight is pleasant for you and your teenager. 

Although teenagers are more likely to be pleasant and cooperative, the above-mentioned points can still provide you with much-needed assistance, as well as comfort and peace of mind when flying with teens.

Do teenagers need ID to fly with parents?

Most airlines and the Transportation Security Administration do not require children under 18 to provide IDs when traveling with an adult. Since children under the age of 15 are not required to show photo ID to fly with United, they may be asked to bring one with them on other airlines.

What does a 15 year old need to fly with parents?

When traveling with a companion, children under 18 must present a valid state ID when boarding a plane. Children younger than 5 cannot travel as unaccompanied minors. Young adults can travel as young as 17 without an adult guardian.

Can I fly alone at 14?

When traveling with a person under the age of 15, children must be accompanied by an adult. They may request and pay for the service. Most airlines allow children up to 14 years old to fly unaccompanied. However, for teenagers, it’s typically not necessary.

What is required for a minor to fly?

Unlike adults, minors are not required to have a government-issued photo ID to fly in the US. However, they will need to show a valid passport when traveling internationally. For 15- to 17-year-old girls, unaccompanied minor service is often not an option. They should also bring a signed letter of consent with their parent or guardian.

Does a 15 year old need ID to fly Southwest?

At any point during the customer journey, Southwest employees may ask for age verification. Customers should bring a copy of a government-issued ID, such a birth certificate or passport, with them. Minors may travel to another country without their parents. However, they may require a notarized consent letter from both parents.

Do kids need passports to fly?

All children under the age of 16 must present a valid US passport when traveling internationally. If you are under 18 years old – You can travel abroad without the consent of your parents!

Can I travel without my parents?

In most cases, children do not require their parents’ written permission to travel. However, some countries have stricter requirements for adults traveling with minors. Since unaccompanied minors are not allowed to travel without their parents, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.