How Is Alaska Airlines Business Class?

Alaska Airlines will start offering its domestic first class seat from this month. It will also have high-speed WiFi for streaming video over the clouds.

New first class seats for Alaska Airlines are equipped with a 40” pitch and are padded with memory foam. In addition, the tablet holders are designed to be adjusted to fit smartphones.

The economy seats have their own AC outlets and USB ports, which are located on the seat-back.

To take advantage of the new technology, the airline is planning on installing faster Gogo Internet on most of its planes by next year.

The airline’s new cabin color scheme features neutral tones with pops of blue, while the ambient lighting is designed to promote a calm and uplifting energy.

As part of the upgrade, the airline will standardise the number of first class seats in its single-aisle planes to 12, and also add a Premium Class section.

The new cabins will be fully integrated with the existing Virgin America branding. They will also be used on the airline’s new Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft.

It has been estimated that almost half of Alaska Airlines’ fleet will get the new seats by early 2020. These include the Boeing 777 and the new Boeing Max 9 planes.

The new cabin is located on the top floor of the North Satellite terminal. It features a fireplace and a bar, and it’s designed to look like a living room with a barista.

Top-tier Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members of the Qantas Club can now use Alaska Airlines’ lounges in Seattle and Los Angeles if they’re flying from Australia.

If you’re not familiar with Alaska Airlines, you might think that it’s a regional carrier based out of Anchorage. However, that’s not the case. With a robust route network, you can find yourself seated in front of an Alaska Airlines flight.

Alaska Airlines Business Class Expectations

The Business Class of American Airlines offers four inches more legroom than standard Main Cabin seats. Besides that, if the flight is over 350 miles, you can enjoy free cocktails, wine, and beer. You will also get to board early, receive excess overhead bin space, and leave the plane early after landing.


With a fleet of over 170 Boeing airplanes, and also 71 Airbus A320 planes, Alaska Airlines has plenty of opportunities to offer first class seats. However, if you’re flying on one of their prop planes, you’ll have to share a first class cabin with other passengers.


In 2019, the airline announced a new cabin upgrade that will affect about a third of its mainline planes. The new seats will feature a sculpted design and are designed to fit in with the existing plane’s layout.

In order to bring the modern cabin to the 21st century, the airline has installed tablet holders in every seat. These are designed to allow devices to connect to the Wi-Fi without being cluttered with coffee or drink spills.

The new cabin features mood lighting that’s designed to complement the human body’s natural rhythm. It’s also equipped with high-speed satellite Wi-Fi, which provides a better experience than the previous generation of technology.

Unfortunately, the new cabin design is only available for a limited time, so it’s not fully rolled out to the whole fleet.


Although the old cabins and the ones being upgraded don’t have in-flight entertainment systems, Alaska Airlines has a dedicated entertainment system called Alaska Beyond.

First class passengers on select Alaska Airlines flights are provided with in-flight entertainment tablets, which are similar to the ones found in the cabins of other carriers.

For those flying with Alaska Airlines, the company’s in-flight entertainment tablets are available on all routes except those with Wi-Fi.

Lounge access

All first class passengers will receive access to the company’s lounges at the airports regardless of how they purchased their tickets. However, if you were upgraded to first class, you will not be able to use the facilities.

Booking cash tickets

When you book through Alaska’s website, you will see the cost for all classes of service, as well as the difference between the economy and first class seats.

Booking award tickets

Depending on the distance traveled, a first class ticket can cost around 15,000 to 70,000 Alaska Airlines miles. The company’s dynamic pricing model helps keep the cost of tickets lower for more popular routes.

Transfer from Marriott

You can transfer 25,000 Alaska Mileage Plan miles after paying with Marriott Bonvoy points.

Buying Miles

You can buy up to 150,000 miles a year with the company’s frequent flyer program or its elite members.

The price of 60,000 miles is a bit high, but it is an option that can be used if you need to top up your account.

To determine the cost of a first class ticket, multiply the number of miles by the distance traveled and the ticket’s price. For example, if I buy a ticket from Seattle to Salt Lake City, it would cost me $142.

Boarding in Bozeman

My flight originated in Montana, and it was always fast and friendly. The airport in Bozeman has three employees who worked the ticket counter.

Alaska Airlines has three lounges in Seattle. One of these is the newly opened flagship lounge in North Satellite.

Since I didn’t have access to the lounge due to my status upgrade, I ended up spending a couple of hours in it. It was a good use of my last Alaska lounge certificate. I’ll get another pass later this year.

The bar has a variety of top-shelf options, and the staff members won’t take tips. The coffee bar is also very good, with a variety of options and a great service.

Alaska Airlines Business Class Catering

You will receive meals and drinks on flights that are longer than 350 miles. On the other hand, Alaska Airlines has suspended catering on all flights that are less than 350 miles. The airline is still working to ensure that everyone is safe on the flight from the virus.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most airlines have cut back on catering. This flight was 4hr30min long, and it was reasonably good.

Throughout the flight, alcoholic drinks were served in plastic cups. The cans were also opened and refilled.

Alaska Airlines Business Class Meal

The meals may vary between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can get anything on the flight from a garden salad to sandwiches and much more. There are also vegetarian options for people that don’t eat meat.

There were two options for the fruit & cheese plate: a smoked turkey sandwich or a fruit & cheese plate.

There’s an ironic twist to the way airlines treat first class passengers. These days, most people seem to be licking their fingers after eating a first class snack.

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