The Ultimate Guide To Finding Cheap Flights

One of the main reasons people don’t travel more is due to the high cost of airfare. However, with the rise of international airlines, it’s easier to find cheap flights all around the world.

Airfare is the biggest expense that most people have when it comes to planning a trip. It can be difficult to find a good deal when prices are so high. Finding a cheap flight can be the difference between a trip that you can afford and one that you can’t.

Every day, there are thousands of deals that airlines can offer. They can usually make a trip happen for less than you think.

In this article, I’m going to give you the exact steps that I’ve been following for over a decade to find the best possible deal on a flight.

In this section, I’ll also talk about how to find cheap flights, how to get free tickets, and everything that’s going on in the airline industry.

Booking A Cheap Flight Online In Very Easy Way

It can be very stressful to book a flight. Usually, we think that if we buy now, prices will go down, and we’ll be the ones who paid the most for the flight.

It used to be very stressful, as I would spend hours searching for the best price. I would wait for that perfect moment, and then I would buy when the prices went down. On a recent trip to Austin, a one-way ticket from American Airlines was selling for $206 US dollars.

Last year, I visited Google Flights, and they told me about a study they did, which showed that the average drop price was $50 US dollars.

If you’re not comfortable with the price, then don’t look for another flight. If it gets better, then move on.

Here’s How To Get A Good Deal On A Flight To Anywhere In The World.

Ignore The Myths

The first thing to know about searching for cheap flights is that there are no magic tricks or formulas to finding the best deal. There are also a lot of myths about finding cheap flights.

They’re all fabrications. They are going to lead you astray.

The majority of websites employ mediocre reporters who rehash tired and outdated myths. Here are some of the most common ones that are completely false:

  • It is NOT cheaper to purchase airline tickets on a Tuesday (or any other specific day for that matter).
  • There is no evidence that searching anonymously results in lower prices.
  • There is no fixed day or time frame in which to book your flight.
  • You can’t estimate flight fares, and websites who claim to be able to do so are just making an informed (but likely incorrect) guess.

Advanced computer algorithms and pricing techniques were used by airlines to set prices and sell tickets based on various factors such as passenger demand and weather conditions.

These tools were used by airlines to set prices and sell tickets based on various factors.

Be Willing To Change Your Travel Dates And Times.

Airline ticket prices vary depending on the day of the week and the time of year. Some months, like August, are big for travelers.

If you plan on flying during the busy season, try to be flexible with your dates. For instance, if you are planning on visiting Paris in the spring, then go to Paris in the fall or in the middle of August.

Plan ahead and look for dates that are off-season. It will allow you to save money and make the most of your trip.

Cheap air travel is also cheaper if you fly during the middle of the week instead of the weekend since most people do it during the weekends. It’s also cheaper if you travel after a major holiday since fewer people want to travel.

It’s also important to remember that airlines raise prices when events and festivals are coming up. By being flexible, you can save yourself some money.

Be Willing To Change Your Mind About Where You Want To Go

If you can’t be flexible with where you fly, then at least try to be flexible with how you fly. It’s better to save the most money and get the best deal possible.

The rise of airline search engines has made it easier to find the lowest possible price for a flight anywhere in the world. With search engines like Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Momondo, it’s now possible to find all the flights in one place.

Here’s what to do if you’re flexible about where you want to go (i.e., anywhere but home):

Step 1: Go to Google Flights and select the map option

Step 2: After that, enter your departure city and date. On the map, you may now see a wide range of alternatives. You can use the “Flexible dates” option if you don’t have a specific location or dates in mind

The truth about airfare is that it can always be a deal to some destination. If you’re flexible, you can always get a better deal.

When you are locked into a single place, you tend to get stuck with a set price. By becoming flexible, you can always find a better deal.

Flights On Low-Cost Airlines

Back then, flying between continents was largely restricted to expensive airlines. Today, budget carriers are now offering a wide range of international routes.

Cheap flights to Australia and Asia are available from low-cost carriers like AirAsia.

These days, flying on a budget airline is a practical choice. While they may not be as comfortable, they can still transport you to wherever you want to go without breaking the bank.

While flying on a budget airline may provide you with fewer perks, it can still save you money. However, they usually charge additional fees for things like checked bags, carry-ons, and printing of your boarding pass.

Flying Direct Isn’t Always The Best Option

Being flexible with your dates and destinations can help you get a great flight at a great price.

For instance, when I was going to Paris, I decided to take a flight to Dublin for $600 instead of the $900 US flight. It gave me a cheaper flight to Paris.

To find the exact amount of money you need to spend on a flight, open Google Flights and type in the destination’s continent. By doing so, I was able to find the best prices for nearby airports.

It saves you time and money by searching for cheaper flights. Usually, I use Google to see if it’s cheaper to fly to a nearby airport or to a different destination.

If you book multiple flights, make sure to have at least 3 hours between connections. It will give you enough time to get to your hotel.

Having a three-hour delay will also help you get insurance coverage.

This method is more challenging since it involves going through multiple airlines and routes. But, it can still lower the price of your flight.

Keep An Eye Out For Limited-Time Offers

Before you start looking for deals, make sure to sign up for email newsletters that will give you the latest news and offers from airlines and travel websites. Doing so will allow you to keep track of the best deals available.

Cheap flights are usually only available for a limited window. Being on the lookout for sales is also important to ensure that you get the best deals.

If I wasn’t signed up for deal websites, I would have missed out on a cheap flight to Japan and South Africa.

newsletters also have frequent flier bonuses. This is a great way to earn points and get upgraded flights.

The top websites for finding travel deals, other from airline newsletters, are:

  • Scott’s Cheap Flights is the best place to find cheap flights to the United States.
  • Airfarewatchdog – Excellent for finding cheap flights in the United States.
  • The Flight Deal – Excellent for finding international flight deals.
  • Holiday Pirates – The best place to find cheap flights to Europe.
  • Secret Flying – A fantastic service for finding cheap flights all around the world.

Keep In Mind That Not All Search Engines Are Created Equal

You need to search multiple websites in order to find the best deal. Most of the time, these sites don’t list discount carriers or obscure foreign airlines.

To summarize, not all flight search websites are made equal, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Since there are no perfect search engines, you’ll want to look for a few to compare. Some of the best websites to find cheap flights are the following:

  • Skyscanner is the greatest flight search engine available. They’ve got a fantastic user interface (and a great app for mobile)
  • Momondo – They search the most airlines and websites in the globe and, 92% of the time, they find cheaper flights. Use these in conjunction with Skyscanner.
  • Google Flights – A fantastic search engine that allows you to compare prices for a variety of places.

Usually, I start my search with Skyscanner, which searches all major airlines, non-English websites, and English websites. It has the lowest prices 99% of the time, and it has strict criteria when it comes to who the airlines are.

Benefit From Student Discounts

If you are a student, there are many ways to save money on flights. Many airlines and travel agencies can offer discounts to students.

Most student discounts can also be used on other airlines’ partners. For instance, Delta Air Lines has a great student discount that can be used on other airlines.

Visit their website or phone them if you’re not sure which airlines provide discounts. It will be worthwhile to delve a little further to save 20% (or more)!

Airlines Can Be Mixed And Matched

When you book with an airline, you only have the ability to fly that airline and any other partner airlines it has.

If you’re looking for savings, try searching for tickets on separate airlines. For instance, if you’re planning on going from New York to Paris, then book both legs as one ticket.

Instead of trying to book multiple tickets, book one ticket and then travel with another airline.

This is what third-party booking sites like do. They organize trips using the prices they can find.

If you’re not satisfied with the prices on the airlines’ website, try searching for tickets on separate sections.

Use Miles and Points

A travel rewards card is the best way to get free flights and hotel stays when you travel. It’s also the easiest way to earn points and bonuses that can be used toward everything from plane upgrades to free hotel stays.

Regardless of how often you fly, it’s always a good idea to sign up for a rewards program. Not only do you get free flights, but you also don’t have to spend any extra money.

Individual Traveler Ticket Prices Can Be Found By Searching For Them On The Internet

If you buy multiple tickets, you might end up paying more money.

Airlines have various price points depending on the type of ticket they sell. They try to sell tickets in the highest possible price.

For instance, if you are a family of four looking for tickets, the airline will search for four seats and show the prices based on the highest possible price. If the price difference is large, it will add up to a sizeable extra expense.

It is better to buy tickets as a single person instead of trying to find seats for multiple people. Doing so will allow you to save a few hundred dollars.

Search For Tickets In Different Currencies

If your country’s currency is strong against the US dollar, look for cheap flights to places where the currency is weaker. For instance, when I searched for flights from Australia to New Zealand, I found the same ticket price in the US.

It was the same flight and the same booking class, but it was in a different currency. This tip works if the exchange rate is currently strong.

(Tip: To avoid incurring a premium, always use a card that has no foreign transaction fees.)

Book As Soon As Possible (But Not Too Early)

When airlines raise prices or lower them based on demand, it can be a good time to book. The best time to book is around 3 months before your flight and around 5 months before your destination.

It’s a quick and easy rule to follow, though, and it applies to both domestic and international flights. Airlines typically raise prices closer to departure than when they lower them.


It’s all about being flexible and trying to find the best deal. Follow these tips to get started and save a few hours of your time. Doing so will help avoid wasting all of your efforts.

A lot of people think that traveling is expensive, but there are always incredible deals out there. Usually, they only last for a short amount of time. If you act quickly, you may end up with a deal that requires you to travel tomorrow.

If you’re just looking to book a flight, then you should check out the various flight search engines and online booking websites that are available. Remember, there are no one best online booking websites.

It’s always best to start looking for flights today if you haven’t decided on where you are going. Even if you aren’t sure, it’s still best to start searching for deals.

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