Is there any insurance that covers lost luggage?

Without your bags, you can’t get to your destination. Also, if you lose your passport or documents, you might need assistance.

This is why it’s best to protect your valuables and travel documents with Travel Insurance.

The US Department of Transportation reports that about 2.8 million bags were mishandled last year. That’s about 5.8 bags for every 1,000 passengers.

Lost or delayed baggage can be costly, and it can be covered by a good travel insurance policy.

Is there any insurance that covers lost luggage?

Travel insurance will help cover any items you lost due to traveling. These reimbursement fees cover lost luggage and any items inside the luggage. When purchasing travel insurance, it is important to make sure you select baggage coverage and to list all items within your baggage.

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What is a Baggage Insurance?

Baggage insurance is coverage that provides you reimbursements for items that you lose while traveling. For instance, it can help you if the airline misplaces your bag. The insurance also covers you if your items are stolen while traveling. 

Baggage insurance is a type of travel insurance that provides protection for your bags and possessions while you’re traveling. It can reimburse you up to the maximum amount shown on your insurance policy.

Your travel insurance can help cover the cost of replacing or even keeping your belongings after they get damaged. It can also reimburse you for the amount of the loss or less.

If you still have the receipts for the things that you bought, it makes it super easy to file a claim.

What Does Travel Insurance Typically Cover?

Typically, a travel insurance policy will cover you against financial losses that you could suffer while traveling. For instance, it will reimburse during trip cancellation and delays. A policy will also be helpful when your luggage is lost or stolen. 

Some travel insurance policies are better than others when it comes to handling lost luggage.

If your bag gets delayed, the policy will cover the cost of a new set of clothes. It’s also possible to claim for lost luggage if it gets stolen. These are what’s typically covered by Travel Insurance:

  • Delayed Baggage
  • Lost Luggage
  • Stolen Belongings

You may also be able to get additional coverage for lost luggage through various means. Some of these include credit cards or home insurance.

Photo of Your Luggage Can Help Your Insurance Claim

Before you leave, take a photo or video of everything that you’re carrying with you. This will help your insurance claim cover all of your belongings.

One of the first questions that come to mind when filing a lost luggage claim is: What does my bag look like? So taking a photo of your luggage before you leave is a good idea.

Additional Things to Know

Most Policies for Lost Luggage are Secondary

If your credit card doesn’t cover it, then your insurance will only apply if the airline refuses to compensate you.

If your luggage is lost, or if it gets stolen, contact your travel insurance company as soon as possible. It will tell them what is covered and what isn’t.

There will be Some Paperwork to Claim Travel Insurance

You’ll also need to fill out the necessary paperwork to get the claim started. This includes filling out lost luggage reports and submitting a police report if the bag disappears.

Most travelers don’t think these steps are necessary, but they are key to filing a claim.

File Travel Insurance Claim ASAP

You can file a lost baggage claim at any time. An airline may offer to pay for emergency items or provide a cash payment.

In addition, many insurance companies have also introduced new features that allow them to process lost luggage claims much faster.

If your luggage is lost during a trip, it will be replaced for $100 per person.

If you still aren’t fully covered by your insurance, there are add-on policies that can help you get more coverage for various valuables. Some of these include mobile phones, cameras, and laptops.

Limitations on Travel Insurance Coverage

The plan limits are the amount of coverage that you may have. Some plans may exclude certain items from coverage. Here are 3 types of limits:

  • Specific Item Limit
  • Per Item Limit
  • Overall Plan Limit

In addition, many items in your bag are worth more than the limits of their respective luggage policies.

If you have to travel with these items, it’s important to contact your insurance company to schedule their replacement. Your insurance will then be responsible for settling the claims related to these items.

If a theft occurs, the same requirement applies. Also, make sure that the items that are excluded from coverage are the ones that were lost.

Are Lost Luggages Covered by Travel Insurance?

A travel insurance baggage policy will reimburse for permanent loss by offering you the value of the luggage and all items inside it. Meanwhile, baggage delay coverage will cover you for essential items during a temporary loss to help you until your bag arrives. 

Travel insurance coverage is available for a permanent loss of luggage. This coverage reimburses the consumer for the value of the lost luggage and the personal items that are inside.

Travel baggage delay coverage reimburses the traveler for the expenses associated with lost or delayed luggage.

Airlines have strong limits on how much they will pay for lost luggage. Travel insurance can help cover the cost of getting lost luggage back home.

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