JetBlue Airways Review – Amenities, Baggage Fees, Seats, Customer Service

Since it was founded in 2000, JetBlue has grown to become one of the most popular airlines in the US. It has won numerous awards and is known for its impeccable customer service.

Learn about the company’s various offerings, including its frequent flyer program, inflight amenities, and more.

It’s committed to providing the best possible service to its passengers. As a result, it aims to make every aspect of its customer’s experience as simple and pleasant as possible.

Tickets You Can Get At JetBlue 

JetBlue offers three types of tickets to you called Blue Basic, Blue Extra, and Blue. The basic option allows you to fly while keeping your travel costs minimum. Meanwhile, extra and Blue lets you carry a small bag and a personal item.

While it is considered a low-cost carrier, its basic flight experience is still very good. JetBlue has plenty of entertainment and food options on its flights.

In response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, JetBlue is offering to replace or cancel any flight booked through May 31, 2021.

Blue Basic

The Blue Basic is a no-cost option that gives you a personal item but no carry-on bag. It also comes with various perks, such as great legroom, free Wi-Fi, movies, and more.

Blue Extra

Blue Extra is for people who usually carry a small bag or personal item. It also includes various benefits such as priority boarding, early boarding, and more.


If you’re traveling light, Blue may be the best option for you. It provides a carry-on bag and a personal item without paying any change or cancellation fees.

Experience Of Using The JetBlue Mint Service 

You must note that the Mint service is available on specific JetBlue flights. It allows you to carry two checked bags without facing additional costs. You will also receive perks such as comfy seats, priority check-in, free entertainment, and more.

The Mint Experience is only available on select flights. Although it gives you 2 checked bags, you will not be rewarded with bonus points.

While Mint is only available on select flights, it comes with many additional perks, such as priority boarding, lie-flat seats, and more.

Earning Points On JetBlue 

You can earn points in various ways when flying with JetBlue. The best method is to get the airline’s credit card and purchase things with it. You can also earn points by frequently flying to different destinations in the US and elsewhere.

There are many ways to earn TrueBlue points from JetBlue. The easiest and most efficient way is by spending and signing up for a credit card.

You can also earn points for using the company’s portal, dining out, or using its partner hotels.

You can also earn TrueBlue points with other airlines, such as Icelandair, South African Airlines, and Hawaiian Airlines.

Learn more about the company’s various programs and how to earn TrueBlue points in our comprehensive review.

While some of the perks are included, there are also certain fees and charges that are included with every flight. As a low-cost carrier, it’s important to check the add-ons before booking.

Baggage Fees Of JetBlue Airways 

JetBlue charges you $35 for the first checked bag on Blue, Blue Basic, and Blue Extra flights. You can carry this luggage for free on other options. Meanwhile, JetBlue charges you $45 for the second checked bag on all flights except the Mint and Mosaic.

While the company does not charge for bags, it does provide a carry-on bag for those who choose to buy Blue Basic, Blue Extra, or Blue Plus, it’s pretty simple to understand their policy. Just make sure that the bag is checked at the gate.

Although it accepts oversized bags, some items of sporting equipment may be counted as carry-on bags without being charged an oversized fee.

JetBlue Airways Add-Ons And Other Fees 

You can buy the same-day standby service from JetBlue for $75. Besides that, you can pay $5 to $25 to get an advanced seat selection option. The airline also charges $150 for carrying a third checked bag on different JetBlue flights.

Some of the added fees can be found in the fare chart above. In addition, there are also some other fees that are not shown in the chart.

The JetBlue Plus Card comes with a number of perks, such as earning 6 point per dollar spent on JetBlue.

The first checked bag free for both the primary and secondary cardmembers when using The JetBlue Plus Card.

JetBlue Airways Seat Specifications And Amenities 

The airline offers more legroom in coach, and economy sections also have the latest Mint Suites. Besides that, the seats of JetBlue have TVs to help you enjoy the flight. You can also use power outlets in specific JetBlue plane series.

Feedback from customers is pretty positive about flying JetBlue. So what’s the best way to feel comfortable in your seat?

JetBlue Economy Seats

The airline has recently updated some of its A321 aircraft with new Mint Suites, and it’s also restyled seating in economy.

JetBlue A320 Cabin Restyling

Although the pitch has been reduced, the new seats still provide the same amount of comfort. They also have new ergonomic seats that are equipped with 10.1-inch touchscreen TVs.

The A320 series and the E-190 series now have power outlets, which is a big plus for economy passengers.

The new Mint Studio features the biggest bed and TV in a US airline. It also has direct aisle access and a sliding privacy door.

For a low-cost carrier, JetBlue does an excellent job providing inflight service. Each economy ticket comes with a variety of inflight amenities, such as FlyFi.

Booking JetBlue Airways Ticket 

You can book your flight by surveying the JetBlue website and selecting the flight online. Besides that, you can also book your trip by calling the airline directly. These are the two primary ways to get JetBlue Airways tickets.

Because of Winston’s grandparents, Ford and I decided to start our trip in Florida so that he could spend some time with them.

I got a refund on my tickets after using my TrueBlue points. The ticket cost me around $150 per person.

We paid $34 to upgrade to an even more legroom economy seat, which is called Even More Space. It includes 38′′ of extra legroom.

JetBlue Airways Even More Space 

The Even More Space on JetBlue Airways is an economy seat. A vital feature of this option is that you will get 38” inches of more legroom. The best part is that it does not take time to check-in and board the plane.

We arrived at the airport at around 7AM and checked our bags. Fortunately, there wasn’t much of a line, so we were able to get through our passes and bag in a few minutes.

JetBlue Customer Satisfaction

It has a great history of customer satisfaction. In fact, it has been the top performer in the JD Power North America Airline Study for 13 straight years.

Despite being the top performer in the JD Power North America Airline Study for 13 years, there are still areas where the company can improve.

The Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report rated JetBlue 11th best in terms of complaints. Although it may not seem great, the number of complaints it received was still significantly higher than the previous year.

The numbers are based on reports compiled by the US Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation Consumer Protection. They don’t include all the complaints that people submit, but they do provide a glimpse into the industry’s overall consumer ratings.

According to the Department of Transportation’s latest analysis, it has ranked 10th out of 16 airlines when it comes to on-time arrivals. It has also ranked lower than its previous year’s average. JetBlue service

Usually, I find flight attendants at JetBlue to be above average. However, this crew was not…

The flight attendants were not particularly pleasant to be around. During my happy morning, one of them asked me to step away from the plane due to a reluctant…

While I was in the lavatory, two flight attendants were sitting in the aisle talking to each other. I was thinking that one of them would ask her coworker to step to the side so that I could avoid raising my voice.

However, instead of standing there, she walked over to her coworker and suggested that they move to the side. This was the only crew member that didn’t make the trip great.

While I understand that the flight attendants were not responsible for the number of announcements made during the flight, I wish they would have been more thoughtful about what they said.

JetBlue Airways Clapping Galore 

You may enjoy a clapping galore in most JetBlue flights during landing in specific places such as Puerto Rico. The crew and passengers do this to celebrate the safe moment. However, you will not find this activity on most domestic routes.

When we landed in San Juan, the plane erupted in celebration. There were people waving Puerto Rico flags in the cabin.

There aren’t many domestic routes in the US where you can see people clapping. Puerto Rico is also a unique place.

Bottom Line

Aside from being the only domestic carrier that can compete with Delta, JetBlue also offers a better customer experience than most.

The cabin at JetBlue is stunning, with plenty of inflight entertainment and free Wi-Fi. Even More Space is also worth it.

It was depressing to see how different the experience was on American Airlines and JetBlue. Although both airlines offer great service, the difference in the experience makes it difficult to justify flying with them.

It has plenty of inflight perks and a great Mint Experience. It’s also got a great frequent flyer program that’s designed for optimal user interaction.

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