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On the plane

How to Stay Healthy on Long Haul Flights

When you travel in an economy or coach section in a plane for a longer period, it can be stressful and can cause harm to your health. You definitely tend to feel fatigued and experience all kinds of symptoms like vomiting, headache, body pain, desperation for water and uneasiness. So […]

Advice for nervous fliers
Fear of Flying

Practical Advice for Nervous Fliers

A fear of flying is a common but powerful anxiety that can stop a person from experiencing the beautiful sites and cultures that the world has to offer. Often, people who fear air travel will research everything from meditation to breathing techniques and visualization strategies to help vanquish their phobia. […]

Airport codes deciphered

From AAA to ZZV – All About Airport Codes

If you fly regularly, you have probably noticed it on your ticket, itinerary or luggage tag – that often mysterious three letter code that indicates your destination airport. Some codes are so familiar that they have almost replaced the airport name and are in common usage, such as SFO (San […]