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Flying Problems

Why Am I So Bloated After Flying?

Many people who experience bloating after flying, often called “jet belly”, attribute it to the tension and anxiety associated with the airline transportation. However, there are other factors involved that can create this condition. For those who have experienced bloating after flying, there are safe, natural remedies available which can […]

Can you bring baby food on a plane?
Flying with Kids

Can You Bring Baby Food On A Plane?

Today, more than at any other time in history, people are taking more trips around the world. According to the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), there were over 1.4 billion international travelers in 2018, and this figure is expected to be higher in 2019. The exponential increase in traveling […]

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Travel Tips

Are Last-Minute Flights Cheaper?

When it comes to flight prices, one thing is certain – fluctuation. Flights prices fluctuate all the time, though not significantly in some cases. Sometimes, a flight could be more expensive when booked in advance; sometimes, it is cheaper last minute. Booking a last-minute flight often saves ‘emergency’ travelers a […]