Can You Take Sharp Objects on a Plane?

There are many sharp objects that are allowed on a plane than most people are aware of. Even the most consistent traveler might be oblivious of some items that are strictly prohibited as carry-on items.Knowing the sharp objects that are and aren’t allowed on a plane is crucial for proper packing.

Sharp objects are generally allowed on a plane, but can still be subjected to extra screening and might not be allowed if they trigger an alarm while under screening.According to the TSA, if an item poses any form of a security concern or appears to have been tampered with, it won’t be allowed on the plane.

What Sharp Objects Can You Bring on Airplane?

Sharp objects such as knives and scissors are not allowed on your carry-ons, while sharp objects like nail clippers and disposable razors or allow all your carry-ons. These rules are set by the TSA to ensure passengers’ safety on the flights.

Below are a table showing sharp objects that are allowed and not allowed in your carry-ons.

Sharp ObjectCarry On BagsChecked BagsTSA
Boxed CuttersNoYesSource
Cigar CuttersYesYesSource
Crochet HooksYesYesSource
Disposable RazorYesYesSource
Ice Axes/Ice PicksNoYesSource
Knitting NeedlesYesYesSource
Lock PicksYesYesSource
Meat CleaversNoYesSource
Nail ClippersYesYesSource
Pencil SharpenersYesYesSource
Pocket KnifeNoYesSource
Razor-Type BladesNoYesSource
Safety PinYesYesSource
Safety Razor With BladesNoYesSource
Sewing NeedlesYesYesSource
Swiss Army KnifeNoYesSource
Throwing StarsNoYesSource

What Sharp Objects Can You Pack in Your Carry-on?

Only a handful of sharp objects are allowed as carry-on items on airplanes and for a good reason; the safety of travelers.

However, not all carry-on objects get a free pass. Some still get subjected to additional screening at the checkpoint while some others have size limitations.

Cigar Cutters

Cigar Cutters are generally allowed on a plane but under instructions. That means you might be told how to pack it in your carry-on bag, whether or not to bring it out during the flight.

That’s why it’s often recommended that travels pack their cigar cutters in their checked baggage.

Crochet Hooks

Sharp items like crochet hooks are allowed without extra screening at the checkpoint since they pose less threat to travelers.

They’ve never been prohibited as carry-ons, but as stated on the TSA official website “The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.”

Disposable Razor

Disposable Razors are allowed in carry-on bags with no restrictions or additional screening.

But if you want to have them in your checked baggage they must be securely wrapped and secured in your bag. They are considered less harmful, which is why they are allowed on planes.

Knitting Needles

You can bring your knitting needles on the plane as a carry-on item without questions or extra screening. According to TSA, they don’t pose a threat to the safety of travelers.

However, to have them in your checked bags, they must be sheathed and well packed to avoid injury to inspectors and baggage handlers.

Lock Picks

Lock Picks are sharp objects categorized as both carry-on and checked items in air travels. You’re allowed to bring lock picks on the plane without extra screening.

But they must not be over 7 inches and you should check with your local enforcement regarding traveling with lock picks.

Traveling with this item is illegal in some states like Ohio, Nevada, and Virginia.

Nail Clippers

You can bring your nail clippers on the plane as a carry-on or checked bag item.

It’s not considered dangerous enough to cause harm, so it goes through the checkpoint with no restrictions.

Nevertheless, to have it in your checked baggage, it must be securely wrapped or you’ll be asked to do so at the checkpoint.

Pencil Sharpeners

While you are allowed to bring your pencil sharpener on a plane as a carry-on item, you must have them properly packed if you want them in your checked baggage.

It is allowed on an aircraft because it doesn’t pose any harm to travelers, but TSA requires that for it to be in checked bags, it should be tightly packed to prevent injury to inspectors.

Safety Pin

Safety Pins are in the category of sharp objects that can’t be used as a weapon, so they are allowed on a plane as carry-on items.

But just like every other category of sharp objects, they must be securely packed and sheathed in your bags, especially if you want them to be allowed as checked baggage.


While scissors are generally not considered harmful sharp objects to carry on a plane, there is a restriction on the type of scissors that could pass for a carry-on item.

Your scissors must be nothing over 4 inches from the pivot point or you’ll be asked to repack it as an item in checked baggage.

Sewing Needles

Sewing Needles are also generally permitted as carry-on items and they are allowed with a rule as well.

Circular thread cutters or needlepoint tools or just about any cutter that carries blades must be securely packed in checked baggage.

If not properly packed you will have to either repack or leave them behind.


Tweezers are allowed on planes as carry-on items, but just like scissors, they shouldn’t be longer than 4 inches.

They can as well be packed in your checked baggage, but they have to be securely wrapped or sheathed to prevent injury to inspectors and baggage handlers.

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