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Carry-on Carry-on liquids - TSA Rules and Restrictions

Carry-on Liquids: TSA Rules and Restrictions

When we travel by air, there are some very important things that we need to know to ensure that we are not breaching any TSA or Airline guidelines. One of the things that we should be clear about before boarding any flight is the regulations governing carry-on liquids. We always […]

Can You Bring a Beard Trimmer in your Carry On

Can You Bring a Beard Trimmer in your Carry On?

There is a lot of regulation about what you can and cannot carry in your hand luggage when you travel by plane. Moreover, the rules change sometimes in response to attacks or terrorism. The question we answer in this article is: can you bring your beard trimmer in your carry […]

How to Travel With Only a Carry On

Forget Baggage Fees: How to Fly With Only a Carry On

With the advent of checked baggage fees, travelers can save a considerable amount of money by choosing to carry on all of their luggage. In most cases, you are allowed one carry-on item as well as a purse or other small personal item. If you are an over-packer, the prospect […]