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Woman in plane suffer from airsick with stress headache

Best Fear Of Flying Apps

Imagine being 35000 feet in the air with no control over your destiny! This is a frightening proposition for many people who have the desire to travel but absolutely fear flying on an airplane. Luckily for these people and also many others who reluctantly fly because they have to, there […]

How To Help a Friend Overcome Their Fear Of Flying

How To Help a Friend Overcome Their Fear Of Flying

Despite the reliability of air travel, many people still develop a fear of flying. If you know a friend or family member who is at risk or who already have fears of flying, you can help him or her to overcome that. What you can do is to act as a confidante […]

Overcome your fear of flying

Three Myths That Contribute to a Fear of Flying

The fear of flying is one of the most common phobias, and can be very difficult to overcome because of the many factors that can cause fear coming into play simultaneously.  You may feel claustrophobic while flying, you may fear being “trapped” in the plane, you may have anxiety about […]