Best Airport Lounge Apps 2022

Travelling can be stressful, whether you are going by car, train, or especially by plane. There are so many factors to keep track of when traveling long distances by plane, even more so if you are trying to catch multiple connecting flights on a tight schedule.

On the other hand, having a layover that lasts for hours is not pleasant either, particularly when you must wait in the austere waiting areas that most airports have. Luckily, many airports have special lounge areas that are perfect for weary travelers who have just come off a long flight.

These lounges often require payment in either a one-time admission charge, or more often require membership. There are several apps that can streamline the process of finding and getting into airport lounges so you can relax a bit before catching your next flight.

Top 5 Best Airport Lounge Apps:

AppPlatformPaid Membership
Priority PassiOS/AndroidYes
Mastercard Airport ExperiencesiOS/AndroidMastercard membership required


LoungeBuddy is an app that is helpful when you want to gather more details about a particular lounge before forking over the money needed to get inside.

The app also lets you view what lounges you have access to for free as a perk of using American Express credit cards, allows you to pay in advance, and lets you browse the range of amenities offered by different lounges.

Depending on the size of your party and the number of guests, you may pay $25 to $50 for access to some airport lounges. Some are within the $35-$60 range.

To get the most out of your American Express Green Card, book a lounge visit through LoungeBuddy and get up to $100 in statement credits. This is a pretty generous card with a $150 annual fee and many other perks.

With LoungeBuddy, you can book access to over 200 airport lounges in more than 200 countries. To find out which one is available for your event, go to the site or the app.

If you have an American Express card, you can get LoungeBuddy, which gives you access to hundreds of airport lounges. There are no annual fees.

If you regularly use LoungeBuddy, then you might want to consider getting the American Express Green Card. This card comes with plenty of perks, including a $150 annual fee.

While most airport lounges offer free beverages and snacks, most of them also charge for airport Wi-Fi. With LoungeBuddy, you can enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi and escape the chaos of the airport.

Unfortunately, if you’re a frequent flier, you won’t be able to get access to the Centurion Lounges through LoungeBuddy. Instead, you’ll be better off using a card like the The Platinum Card from American Express.

Although there are many factors that will determine if LoungeBuddy is worth it, the main benefit of using it is that it’s an easy way to get to an airport lounge without breaking the bank.

Download: iOS

Priority Pass

Priority Pass offers exclusive deals, as well as membership to numerous lounges worldwide. The app is free, but membership in the full Priority Pass program comes in between nine and thirty-six dollars a month depending on how robust of a plan you want.

This app is more geared towards seasoned travelers who frequent airport lounges on their trips, though it can still offer helpful map info for those uninitiated in the paid program.

The great value of Priority Pass is that it is included with the annual fee. No additional cost is added for guests unless they bring a guest. GateGuru will be closing on January 18, 2019. All you need to do is open the app and it will show an error message.

If you don’t have a Priority Pass, you can borrow one from a friend. Most international lounges require that the name and boarding pass combination on your card match. The maximum stay that you can enjoy with each pass is the validity of the pass. It can vary depending on the pass purchased and the facilities available at the airport.

Download: iOS/Android

LoungeBuddy vs Priority Pass Which is Better?

With Priority Pass, you can get access to over 1,300 airport lounges around the world. But, unlike with LoungeBuddy, you’ll also have to pay an annual membership fee.

For $99 a year, you can get unlimited access to the airport’s private lounges. Then, for $299 a year, you can get 10 free visits.

To get the most out of this membership, you’ll have to pay the normal membership fee of $32. Some of the best travel credit cards also have a free Priority Pass membership.

Aside from these perks, you also receive access to over 800 offers that include discounts at over 800 restaurants and other leisure activities in the airport.

While a Priority Pass membership is better for frequent flyers, it can be a bit more expensive compared to LoungeBuddy. For those who want to visit an airport lounge occasionally, LoungeBuddy is the best choice. Its no-commitment and no annual fee means it’s a great option for frequent travelers.


Like the previous listing, LoungeMe offers membership plans that range in price depending on how often you expect to find yourself in need of an airport lounge.

 Unlike Priority Pass, however, LoungeMe also has options that let you book a one-time entry into a lounge of your choosing. 

The more you use LoungeMe the more you can save as you accrue points in their loyalty program.

The app also allows you to locate lounges close to you, display reviews, as well as showing off images for said lounges allowing you to select and book a spot quickly and easily.

Download: iOS/Android


As is the norm for many of these apps, LoungeKey offers a membership service that allows you entry into certain lounges, and in this case is required to make use of the app at all.

The benefits are worth it though, as it can automatically search for lounges that are affiliated with the membership program even when offline. This is especially useful overseas.

This app allows you to look at directions, check the hours, and browse reviews for all the lounges that it is affiliated with, over one thousand lounges worldwide!

Download: iOS/Android

Mastercard Airport Experiences

This app is expressly designed for those who are members with Mastercard, and thus comes free of charge if you are already a member.

Powered by the same technology as LoungeKey, this app allows you to search for both lounges and airports themselves if you are unsure where one is.

Browse exclusive amenities, search for locations and hours, and even generate a useful QR code that makes access simple and easy.

The app also allows you to view previous lounge visits you have made in case you want to quickly rebook.

Download: iOS/Android


FlightBoard is a travel app that gives you real-time flight information and departure times, as well as other details about over 3,000 airports around the world. MyTSA, the Transportation Security Administration’s app, lets users report their wait times. The agency also compiles data on how busy airports are on any given day.


For travelers who prefer to sleep in a hotel room, DayUse lets them book it for a couple of hours for up to 75 percent off. It works seamlessly across 20,000 hotels in 20 countries.


This app will tell you how long it takes to pass through security at various checkpoints. It’s also available for Android.

Mobile Passport

Whether you’re on a tight connection or waiting for a flight, customs lines can get very long. Fortunately, there are apps that will help speed up your journey through the US Customs and Border Protection.


GateGuru is a travel app that’s built by TripAdvisor, and it features a variety of useful features, such as airport maps, dining options, and reviews. It also gives users push notifications when flights get delayed.


Order from the airport’s menus and get directions to get there without wasting time waiting for food. The app also syncs with Concur to make it easier to report expenses.


You can now get compensated for lost or delayed flights with AirHelp. Simply enter your details to see if you’re eligible for a payout, and if so, it takes a cut. This app works on both iOS and Android, and it can also work retroactively.


Most airport lounges offer free food and drinks. However, some items are only available for purchase. Qatar Airways will open the biggest airport lounge in the world. The new Al Mourjan facility will be situated at Hamad Airport.

If you travel often, you can get 10 free airport lounge visits each month. Or, if you buy a membership, you can get 32 free visits each time you access an in-flight airport lounge. Members of the Standard Tier of the Credit Pass program are provided with access to various benefits and privileges of the Visa Signature Credit Card and the other major credit cards of the country.

An airport lounge access card is a great way to get free airport access. It can be used at any of the airport lounges. LoungeBuddy is pleased to announce that it is now possible to purchase your airport lounge oasis through Android Pay.

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