What Are The Cleanest Airlines in the World?

Aircraft hygiene often leaves something to be desired. But where can you really expect clean airplanes?

What Are The Cleanest Airlines in the World?

Apparently, Asian airlines have the cleanest aircraft cabins in the world. That is the conclusion of extensive research done by Skytrax. Skytrax’s World Airline AwardsOpens in a new tab. recently announced the cleanest airlines of 2018. They looked at the hygiene on board aircraft of dozens of airlines worldwide.

The qualification is based on evaluations from travelers, who looked at the hygiene of folding tables, chairs, floor coverings, walls and, of course, toilets.

The dirtiest area was, perhaps surprisingly, where your food is served on – the folding table in front of your seat. The lesson you can learn from this: avoid direct contact between your food and the folding table! It is also useful to bring travel-size antibacterial hand gel and sanitary wipes when you travel.

Better yet: this Seat Sitters Airplane Seat Cover & Tray Table Kit on Amazon offers the perfect solution to this hygiene problem.

Now onto the winners! The first six spots in the rankings are led by Asian top airlines:

  1. ANA
  2. EVA Air
  3. Asiana
  4. Singapore Airlines
  5. Japan Airlines
  6. Cathay Pacific

No US-based airlines made the list.

SWISS is the highest scoring European airline in eighth place, followed by Lufthansa at number ten, Austrian at thirteen, KLM at 24 and Finnair at 25.

Here’s the list of all the Airline Award Winners: https://www.worldairlineawards.com/worlds-best-airline-cabin-cleanliness-2018/

The dirtiest places on airplanes
Source: Travelmath

Which airlines are the cleanest?

Delta Air Lines scored the highest number of points in the master list. Alaska Airlines came in second, followed by American Airlines and Southwest. AirlineRatings.com, a website that compiles a list of the world’s top 20 airlines, commended Qatar Airways for its continuous efforts in handling the Covid-19 outbreak.

Which is better AA or Delta?

Delta is the best airline in terms of both experience and quality. They beat American Airlines in almost every way. Out of the 11 US airlines operating in the country, Spirit has been named as the worst performing carrier. It was also placed lower on the magazine’s list of best and worst airlines in 2017.

What is a 5 star airline?

Similar to hotels, an airline has a rating system that shows the overall quality of its service. In the 1988 movie “The Rain Man,” Dustin Hoffman’s character flew on Qantas because it had never crashed.

Is Air Force One the safest plane?

Air Force One is the world’s most secure aircraft. It is also the call sign of a US aircraft carrying the president. Although jetBlue has not been a part of any known crashes, it is still relatively young and has only been incorporated for a couple of decades. There have also been various incidents involving inflight injuries and other dangerous factors.

What day is the best to book a flight?

The study found that the cheapest days to travel are Tuesday and Wednesday. Sunday is the most expensive day to fly. I have used this app for years and have never had any problems. It’s also included travel insurance as well.

What’s the best time to book a flight?

For domestic flights, it’s best to start looking for tickets one to three months ahead. For international flights, it’s also best to start looking for tickets two to eight months in advanced. Delta flight fares are very expensive due to the company’s commitment to provide quality services and facilities to the public.

Where is the most comfortable place to sit on a plane?

The Best seat for quiet and peace is near the front. Best seat for sleeping is in the window seat. According to Flugzeuginfo.Net, a Boeing 747-200 can reach a maximum speed of Mach 3,600 knots and a range of up to 12,,700 kilometers. The range of the VC-25As is also modified.

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