What is United Airlines Baggage Policy?

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United Airlines carries hundreds of passengers around the world. With so many different routes and different fees, it can be hard to know what to expect.

Although it’s possible to carry more than one bag, items that are not carry-on allowances are not counted.

What Are The Carry-On Rules On United Airlines? 

On most United flights, carry-on bags and personal items are allowed to be carried as long as they’re in full size. The carry-on bag can grow up to a maximum size of 9 inches by 14 inches.

Domestic Basic economy ticket holders are only allowed to carry one carry-on bag. If they encounter an error, they will need to check their bag at the gate. However, for trans-Atlantic flights, passengers are allowed to carry both a personal item and a carry-on bag for free.

What Are The Checked Baggage Rules On United Airlines? 

The top thing to note is that you may have to pay to check your bag on United Airlines for some destinations. Moreover, the suitcase should be 62 inches on the outside or less. This includes the size of tires and handles.

United’s checked baggage policy is very simple. For economy passengers, the carry-on bag limit is 50 pounds. For Premium Plus and first-class passengers, the bag limit is 70 pounds.

Depending on your status, the maximum weight for checked luggage can vary. For example, if you’re a Premier Silver or Platinum member, you can bring a maximum of 70 pounds.

What Is The Baggage Fee Of United Airlines? 

The vital thing to remember is that there is no fixed fee for checking your baggage on United Airlines. This is because the company uses an automatic calculator. The system uses your destination distance and flight time to give you the total price.

Unlike other airlines, United has a dedicated baggage fee calculator that lets users easily check the charges for checked luggage. It calculates the cost of each bag based on the distance travelled and the flight’s duration.

Outside of a few exceptions, the prices for checked baggage vary depending on the continent. For instance, when checking the prices for flights between the US and European destinations, the same bag fee was always charged.

For Basic Economy and Economy passengers, the checked baggage allowance allows them to check into bags that weigh no more than 50 pounds.

Higher-fare customers, such as Business and First, are allowed to carry bags up to 70 pounds. Active US military personnel are also allowed to check bags up to 115 inches in total.

Does United Airlines Compensate For Delayed Baggage?

The good news is that United Airlines will compensate if your baggage is delayed or lost. If you don’t get the late luggage within three days, you can get $1,500 as compensation. Meanwhile, you can obtain up to $3,500 for lost baggage.

For domestic travel, United has a baggage liability waiver that allows customers to claim up to $3,500. However, this limit does not apply to devices that are specifically designed to assist with mobility.

How To Get Free Checked Bags On United Airlines? 

All seven United credit cards don’t charge you for your first bag. Out of these options, five cards also don’t ask you to pay for your second checked bag. These include United Quest, Club Infinite, Presidential Plus, Presidential Business, and Club Business cards.

Three United credit cards have annual fees that range from $0 to $525. Two of these are also designed to give free checked bags.

The United Explorer Card is a great option for frequent travellers who usually book flights with United. Aside from being able to check their first bag for free, this card also has various benefits that are worth applying for. One of these is the ability to earn one free checked bag after one round-trip.

The United Club (SM) Infinite Card is a travel credit card that gives priority to United Club lounge access. It has an annual fee of $525 and is designed to give users a better deal.

Does United Airlines Charge For Overweight And Oversized Bags? 

You must pay additional fees for exceeding the limits. Typically, you must give $200 to $400 if your luggage is 71 to 100 pounds. You also have to pay $200 if the bag’s size is between 63 to 115 linear inches.

If your bag exceeds the size or weight restrictions of United, additional charges will be imposed on you. These fees will be added together with any other charges that you may incur.

What Is The Embargo Policy For Checked Bags? 

United Airlines only accept extra baggage for some destinations seasonally. The management also does not allow bags exceeding 100 pounds regardless of whether you can pay an extra fee. The airline also prohibits bags of more than 115 linear inches.

Extra baggage can only be accepted if the plane has enough space. In most cases, it is not allowed to be checked after all checked bags are on board.

The policy regarding excess baggage is usually implemented for certain flights. Some of these are also implemented for a specific period or a certain destination.

Although United reserves the right to change this policy and the information it provides, this site is designed to inform its users about the policy changes.

The above list of excess baggage embargoes is always maintained throughout the year. However, during certain periods, such as the peak travel season, United also limits the excess baggage allowed for each of their destinations.

To see a full list of the countries where the United has imposed the most restrictive baggage restrictions,

visit its official website.

How Much Does United Airlines Charge For Pets? 

United has a comprehensive pet travel policy that will allow you and your pet to travel in the aircraft cabin. You will need to pay a service fee of $125 for each domestic flight and $150 for international flights.

For transporting pets, the cost can vary greatly. For instance, it costs about $348.50 to transport an animal that weighs 22 pounds.

One carry-on bag can be equipped with a total of nine inches x 14 inches. It can also contain one personal item that measures 9 inches x 10 inches.

For Basic Economy passengers, only need to carry one bag. If they exceed this limit, they will be required to check their bag and pay the applicable fees.

Domesticated cats, dogs, and birds are also allowed to travel inside the cabin of United Airlines as long as they’re carried in a carrier. The cost for a pet carrier is $125.

Soft-sided kennels measure 18 x 11 x 11 inches. For birds and cats, the maximum size is 8 x 28 x 28 inches.

How Many Checked Baggage Allowed On United Airlines? 

The top thing to note is that United Airlines does not allow more than two checked bags. They should also meet the weight and size guidelines. For instance, your bag must not exceed 50 pounds to avoid paying extra.

All checked bags must have a maximum weight of 50 pounds for the Economy Class and Premium Plus fares. They must also have a maximum height of 62 inches.

Instead of having a hard and fast table to determine the fees for checked baggage, United has created an online tool that will help its passengers determine the exact fees.

The fees for checked baggage are computed based on the distance travelled and the size of the bag.

The company also increased the fees for checked bags purchased at the airport for flights after February 2020.

The allowance for United Airlines cabin bags allows you to carry one bag with a maximum size of 9 x 14 x 22 inches.

However, for passengers who travel on a Basic Economy fare, the carry-on bag allowance is different. They are only allowed to bring one personal item with a maximum size of 9 x 10 x 17.

Basic Economy passengers are not allowed to carry on a larger bag. Instead, they are permitted to bring one personal item with a maximum size of 9 x 10 x 17.

If you are a Basic Economy passenger, then you’ll be required to check in your bag before it’s loaded at the gate. Some items, such as belts and umbrellas, are also allowed to be carried by United Airlines.

Can I Carry Musical Instruments On United Airlines? 

You can bring small instruments like violins in a hard case. It will be considered a carry-on if you put it in the overhead bin. Meanwhile, it will count as a personal item if you put it in front of you.

Musical instruments, such as guitars, are also allowed to be carried on board.

However, if you bring an instrument that cannot be stored inside the cabin, it will be checked and a $25 handling fee will be charged.

Can I Get A Third Checked Bag On United Airlines? 

You can get a third checked bag on United Airlines if you exceed the maximum limits. However, you will have to buy the third bag as an add-on. Moreover, you will be charged the equivalent amount as an additional fee.

If your bag exceeds the allowance, fees will be charged. For instance, if a third bag is purchased for $200, the additional fee will be charged at $200.

Although United accepts checked bags with a maximum size of 115 inches, bags that exceed this limit will not be accepted.

Extra fees are also charged for bags that exceed the limit. These bags can be carried on United’s international routes.

What Are The Checked Baggage Exceptions On United Airlines? 

You can check small items instead of luggage provided that the thing is packed correctly. For instance, you can take sports equipment as checked baggage. Small musical instruments can also count as a checked bag if kept in hard cases.

Some items, such as sports equipment, are allowed to be checked as standard checked baggage. However, there are some exceptions.

Musical instruments are also allowed to be checked into the hold if they’re properly packed. However, if the instrument has a total dimension of over 115 inches, it will be charged an overweight fee.

Can I Pre-Pay For Luggage On United Airlines? 

You can pre-pay for luggage without any issues by using various methods. For instance, you can use the website to complete the transaction. The airline also has a mobile app that allows you to pre-pay before the final day.

United Airlines allows its passengers to pre-pay for their bags online or through the mobile app before their flight departure.

If you’re planning to travel with United, there are various credit card options that can help you avoid paying the checked baggage fees.

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