What is United Airlines Premier Access and Its Benefits?

If you want to travel anywhere in the world, then United Airlines has the right plan for you. In this article, we will introduce you to their Premier Access benefits, which include everything from checking in to getting perks and discounts.

Through its Premier Access program, United Airlines is able to give its customers various benefits, such as frequent flier miles, travel accommodations, and discounts. It is also one of the largest airlines in the US.

Premier Access is a perk program that gives members of United Airlines many advantages. Some of these include access to special discounts and perks.

What Is Premier Access On United? 

Premier Access is a unique membership program by United Airlines that offers regular customers special benefits. For instance, you will get access to priority check-in. The airline also allows you to use security lanes that help you save boarding time.

United Premier Access is a program that’s related to the company’s different Premier statuses. Basically, it provides the same benefits as the other Premier status holders.

Premier Access is a membership program that gives customers the same benefits as the other Premier status holders.

In this section, we will discuss the various benefits that are available through Premier Access.

How To Know If I’m Eligible For Premier Access? 

Premier Access is offered to specific customers. You must be a MileagePlus Premier member, frequent business or first-class traveler, Star Alliance Gold member, Mileage Plus Club, or Presidential Plus cardholder. If you have any one of these cards, you are eligible.

Before you can use the program’s benefits, you must meet the requirements of United Airlines.

For example, if you’re a frequent flyer and have earned Premier Access, then you will also be able to receive the same benefits as those who are already eligible to receive them.

To confirm that you’re a Premier Access holder, see the bold letters in the top portion of your boarding pass. It’s important to note that the word Premier Access is spelled in bold letters.

To verify that you have the benefit of Premier Access, just check your boarding pass. It should appear on the top of the pass.

What Are The Pros Of Premier Access On United? 

The top benefit of Premier Access is that you can skip lines to check your baggage. Besides that, you can also use security lanes to enter the plane and avoid the crowd. You can enjoy better service on the flight too.

Premier Access is a great choice for customers who want to enjoy the best possible service while traveling.

With Premier Access, you can avoid the lines at the airport and check-in your bags without having to wait for everyone to check their luggage.

With Premier Access, you can also skip the long lines at the airport and check in your bags without having to worry about security lines.

Premier Access boarding and check-in privileges are also available at various airports where United operates.

Before we talk about the various benefits of Premier Access, it’s important to note that you can still get these benefits even after you booked your ticket.

When you get to the airport, you probably notice that the check-in area is very long and you can’t help but queue up. With Premier Access, you can avoid this issue by using a designated area.

The main advantage of Premier Access is that its check-in area doesn’t have long lines like the public check-in area. Also, unlike the other lines, the Premier Access check-in area has separate lines for elite members.

Does United Premier Access Include Lounge Access?

How Do I Get Complimentary Premier Access On United? 

You can get free Premier Access by becoming a Mileage Plus, Presidential Plus, or Star Alliance cardholder. Moreover, you can buy a Premier ticket for your next flight. You can call or use the airline’s website to buy the program.

If you do not qualify for the above categories, then you can still purchase Premier Access through an upcoming flight. It includes various perks such as priority check-in and security lanes access.

However, if you are planning on purchasing a Premier Access ticket for an upcoming flight, make sure that you purchase a higher-fare ticket.

With Premier Access, all of your companions will also receive the same privileges. This benefit is ideal for groups and families traveling together.

Although many people may think that they do not need to pay for these benefits, there are a number of ways to get them.

After purchasing a Premier Access account, it does not include the company’s priority baggage handling.

You can purchase Premier Access through united.com or call the company’s customer service number.

Depending on the type of trip that you’re planning to take, you can buy Premier Access for all of your segments. It’s also non-refundable unless a flight is canceled.

The amount that you pay for Premier Access depends on the type of travel that you’re planning to take. For instance, if you’re planning on going to a major airport during the holiday season, paying $15 may be worth it.

If you are traveling during non-peak times, you may not get as much benefit from Premier Access as those who are traveling during busy times.

How To Get Premier Elite Status On United? 

The top way to get Premier status is by joining the loyalty program of this airline. It will allow you to earn free miles while enjoying many other benefits. You can also get the status by spending $1,000 on flights.

Joining the United Airlines’ loyalty program is one of the easiest ways to get the benefits of Premier Access.

You can also earn miles toward future free flights through the United MileagePlus program.

Getting to the tier of elite status that fits your needs will allow you to receive additional benefits through Premier Access.

How To Get Premier Access By United Credit Cards? 

You can sign up for various accounts to get Premier Access through a United credit card. For instance, the Club Infinite option will help you earn elite status. You can also get the perks by getting a Presidential Plus credit card.

If you already have a United Airlines credit card, you can also get the company’s Premier Access benefits by signing up for three different accounts.

One of the new cards that come with Premier Access is the United Club Infinite. This card includes perks such as access to the company’s worldwide network and United Club locations.

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Is Premier Access Worth It On United Airlines? 

The top thing you should note is that the worth of Premier Access depends on your needs and budget. This program offers many benefits that will ease your traveling. However, the perks are most useful only if you fly frequently.

It’s very important to determine the amount of value that you get from the United Premier Access package before committing to it.

Unfortunately, if you usually fly with United several times a year, you won’t get much benefit from the Premier Access program. Instead, you should look for a generic travel card such as the Chase Reserve.

Also, if you already have certain security privileges, such as the expedited check-in lines, you won’t find much value in Premier Access.

If you prefer to check-in online or use the United Airlines app, you will not be able to enjoy the same perks as Premier Access holders.

What Is The Premier Access Security Line? 

The top feature of a Premier Access security line is that it is a shorter line than the regular queues. This is because it only consists of Premier status holders. The primary aim of this line is to accelerate the check-in process.

The Premier Access security line has a shorter queue than the standard security line at the airport.

Although the two lines have slightly different features, both of them can still provide the same security checks. For instance, the Premier Access line can speed up the process of passing through the security checks.

What Is The Priority Boarding On Premier Access?

The vital thing about priority boarding is that these are the customers who will enter the plane first. Besides that, it also includes the passengers whose bags are delivered before others. So it can help you save a lot of time.

United Airlines also offers priority boarding to Premier Access holders at all airports it serves.

For each elite status type, the number of people allowed to boarding depends on the status of the individual.

What’s Premier Access on United Boarding Group

Premier Silver – Boarding Group 2
Premier Gold – Boarding Group 1
Premier Platinum – Boarding Group 1
Premier 1K – Pre-boarding allowed

United Premier Access Baggage Allowance

There is another benefit, and that is whats United Premier Access policy for checked bags! United Premier Access baggage allowance depends on the level of Premier Access. Higher levels earn a higher baggage allowance.

Premier Silver – 1 complimentary checked bag in Economy
Premier Gold – 2 complimentary checked bags in Economy
Premier Platinum – 3 complimentary checked bags in Economy
Premier 1K – 3 complimentary checked bags in Economy

Each level is eligible for three complimentary checked bags when purchasing a premium cabin ticket.

What Is The Priority Baggage Handling On Premier Access? 

The key feature of priority baggage handling is that bags of people with this access will be delivered first. The most responsible staff members will also manage the luggage. So you will rarely lose your suitcase when flying with Premier status.

One of the benefits that Premier Access holders receive is the ability to have their bags handled by the airport’s dedicated staff.

This benefit is very helpful for UA Premier Access holders since their bags are the first ones to be unloaded after the plane has taken off. It allows the staff members to quickly identify the items as belonging to the members of Premier Access.

One of the major benefits that Premier Access holders receive is the ability to take additional bags. For instance, if you have two bags, you can take another two bags with you.

Will I Get Free Beverages And Food With Premier Access?

One of the most popular benefits of Premier Access is the ability to enjoy free food and drinks on board. This benefit is very helpful for customers who are planning on buying something expensive.

Aside from these, Premier Access also provides another useful benefit, which is the ability to receive priority assistance from the airline’s customer service center. This facility can be reached 800 864 8331 or sent via email.


Although United Airlines offers many perks to its Premier Access members, one of these is not available to them as they are currently not allowed to use the company’s in-flight lounges. Overall, Premier Access is a great way to make your airport experience more streamlined. However, it can also be difficult to get the exact benefits that you deserve based on your travel frequency and time of day.

The United Club Infinite Card, on the other hand, gives members of Premier Access the opportunity to enjoy free bags and priority check-in.

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