Which Day Of The Week Is The Best Day To Buy Airline Tickets?

It’s no secret that the price of tickets and hotel rooms changes dramatically during the course of a season. There are certain times to book a trip that are optimal for saving big.

When it comes to booking a flight, many people make up to 50 searches before they make a final decision. A new analysis revealed the best times to fly based on the number of searches performed on various travel websites in 2018.

The best time to book a flight is usually around two months out from when you intend to go on a trip. However, there are also various factors that can increase the cost of a ticket.

Do you ever feel like you could get away with a cheaper flight by staying up late on a Tuesday? This is because the best time to book a flight is not always the same day.

The old standby Tuesday myth is simply not true anymore. The best time to book a flight is whenever a cheap deal appears on the market. Doing so can be done any time of the week, as long as you use the right tools and mindset.

The Cheapest Time To Book Is Around Midnight On Tuesday

It’s cheaper to book flights on Tuesday than on any other day of the week, though it’s only applicable to a small portion of US markets. In general, flights were cheaper at midnight than earlier in the week.

It’s important to get as much advance notice as possible before traveling to ensure that you get the best deal. However, it’s also possible to get charged additional fees for making changes.

The day that you are flying is also important, as most flights are cheaper on weekdays than on weekends or any other day of the week.

Usually, the prices go up when people travel to a certain destination during the winter season. For instance, if you go to Hawaii in January, you’ll pay less than if it’s warm in June.

The best day to book a flight in the US is typically Tuesday. This is because many airlines release weekly sales on Tuesdays, which then leads to more competition and lower prices. You can also find deals on other days.

The best time to book a flight in the US is usually at 3 p.m. on Tuesday. This is because many airlines release their weekly sales on the same day, which prompts other airlines to match the prices.

The Most Expensive Time To Book Is At 3 A.M. On Friday

According to Hopper, average fares on Friday were 3% higher than they were on the previous day. This is because airlines typically start their sales earlier in the week and end before the weekend.

According to Expedia, the best day to book tickets is Sunday because it’s the most affordable day of the week. Airfares on weekends can also be up to 20% cheaper.

The best day to buy tickets is Sunday because it’s typically the cheapest day of the week. You could save up to 36% on average by booking on Sundays.

The day that you are flying is also important. Usually, better fares are found on weekdays while cheaper on weekends.

Domestic Vs. International Flights: When To Book

Although there are no specific day or time flights deals that happen, there are some best practices to avoid booking a flight within 30-45 days before your trip.

Usually, airlines raise the prices for last-minute flights as they only target business travelers and those who need to be there soon.

It’s also important to book at least 45 days before a trip to avoid getting stuck with a last-second deal. For international flights, look for prices at least 2-6 months in advance.

It’s also important to start looking for flights at least 11 months in advance. Remember to book the cheap flight first when prices are low. Doing so will allow you to plan your trip and accommodations.

If you’re looking for cheap flights, then it’s time to reconsider how you search. Instead of trying to find deals through traditional travel agencies, try using an OTA like Priceline or Expedia.

With Google Flights, you can search for flights from almost every airline in the world. The search tool pulls prices from over 200 airlines and gives you the most up-to-date pricing. It also allows you to filter the results and book directly with the airline.

Book Inexpensive Flights With These Tips And Strategies

Don’t Leave Booking Flights Until The Last Minute

The average ticket price rises as the travel date gets closer, and airlines try to fill seats. It’s best to book flights around three weeks before your trip.

It’s also important to avoid buying too early as it could lead to overpayment. It’s also a good idea to buy late as it can reduce your chances of getting a bargain.

It’s also important to shop for international tickets at least five months before your trip. If you’re planning on going to a popular holiday such as Christmas or New Year’s, you can save a bit by buying tickets a few months in advance.

You can also save money by shopping for deals when they pop-up. You never know when an airline will lower its prices.

Before You Book A Basic Economy Flight, Do The Arithmetic

Perhaps you’re thinking of flying on a different day so that you can save on a basic economy ticket. Before you book, make sure that you consider the additional charges that come with it.

This handy tool will help you find the true cost of a basic economy ticket. It assumes that you’re a member of an elite status and that the additional fees apply to flights within the US.

Never forget to compare the prices of different airlines. It’s important to note that no airline has the lowest prices every single time. Doing so will ensure that you’re getting the best deal.

Set up a Fare Compare alert and we’ll send you the best deals from our network. Once you’ve got the deal, act fast and avoid the worst prices.

One Ticket At A Time: Book Group Travel

When planning a trip for two or more people, try to book only one ticket. An airline reservation system quirk means that when multiple tickets are sold in a single transaction, the price must be sold for the same price.

Although airlines don’t offer special pricing, they do try to assure that everyone will get on the same flight. This is the only way to guarantee that everyone will get on the same flight.

Group deals are not always the best prices. They can be higher than if you just log in to a travel site and see the individual flight cost.

For instance, if the price of the flight is $50, but the date gets closer, the airlines can sell it for $150. This means that the price is set at $80 per ticket.

Since corporate groups tend to have a limited number of people, it’s cheaper to book flights yourself. Usually, low-cost carriers will charge more after someone has booked.

Using A Flight Search Tool, Experiment With Different Dates

There are a lot of flight search tools on the market, but Google Flights is the most comprehensive. Its calendar tool lets users see all the available flights for a given month. It’s a search engine that works seamlessly, allowing users to book directly with the airlines.

Even though Google Flights is the most widely used search engine, it can still be used against other sites such as Skyscanner and Kayak. If you’re planning on booking a flight because of a certain airline or because of your preferred route, you can still get the full list of available options through search.

Another great feature that flight search site has is a price-tracking tool. This feature allows users to monitor the changes in the price of a flight.

Under the Department of Transportation’s regulations, airlines can allow passengers to cancel their tickets without penalty within 24 hours.

If you’re planning on traveling with checked luggage, this feature will help narrow down your search results to the most relevant flights.

By clicking on the search bar, you can filter by the number of stops, duration, and departure times of your search. By clicking on the number of bags, you can also customize the search results to meet your specific needs.


Being a smart traveler can help you save money and time when planning your travel plans. It’s also about choosing the best time of day to get on a flight.

It’s also important to avoid taking the last flight that day to avoid getting stuck in the airport due to unfavorable weather conditions. Also, make sure to check out the must-see places in the US.

During the Thanksgiving holiday in 2021, the Transportation Security Administration processed over 2.5 million people a day. In order to minimize the lines, the agency suggests getting in touch with a trusted travel program. These options can help you avoid long lines at security.

If possible, pack light to avoid adding to your travel expenses. Also, avoid checking bags by opting for carry-on luggage.

One other thing to consider is choosing nonstop flights. Doing so can help avoid getting caught up in unexpected delays and crowded airports. It can also save you time and avoid getting stuck with another flight.

Car rental companies often offer contactless pick-up options, which can allow customers to get in their vehicles without having to queue up. On Expedia, simply type in the word “Skip the counter” to find the most suitable options.

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